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One Niceass Individual
Just remembered this song today, and how it's still not in any games besides GFDM. Shit better end up in Sinobuz. They can even give it a silly chart like this now that †LEGGENDARIAs are a thing:
For god's sake don't put the BPM change right as the song resumes, that shit is soooo annoying. 1st Samurai and ShounenA don't do it, but Erasermotor Phantom and A do, sadly (this is without getting into songs that do it on purpose like Himiko and Faxx)

But back to over know, someone else is gonna have to take the reigns here. I just wanna talk about how Mutsuhiko Izumi and Hideyuki Ono could use better representation in IIDX, but that's not happening considering bluemoon was cut from Sinobuz or Copula or something, and Konami gives us songs like Holy Snow and Snow Goose instead of Red Roses or Chinese Snowy Dance. Or how "overviews" is a thing, and it shouldn't be. Maybe I'm being too harsh, but if over there were Bruce Almighty, overviews would be Evan Almighty. If OT were Romancing the Stone, then OV would be Jewel of the Nile. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. Hostel, Hostel pt 2....JUST KIDDING they were both awful films and Eli Roth is a hack. A hack like yasuhiro abe...okay probably not that bad, but getting there. I think "setzer024's" opinions on wac are bad and retarded but if I agreed with them I'd be making some crack about Quentin Tarantino's elation of Eli Roth being parallel with wac dicking around on his keyboard for the radius long version (Three words you never want to see in succession) Okay that's it I can't be in this thread unless I think of something good to say about over there.
t7r alterative
This shit better end up in CastHour at some point. overthere.png
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