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Full Version: Super Smash Bros. Multiverse: END! SCUM WINS!
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If tournament popularity was the most important consideration...
then I think we would create a Smash Bros game that included a multitude of fast moves with complicated controls...
However, I believe this is actually the greatest shortcoming of fighting games at present...
and that is the reason why I don’t do it.

~Masahiro Sakurai

¤ Player List¤


6.- Prims Project M Mewtwo, 3-Shot Busdriver/Watcher has won the game!
13.- Cyghfer Project M Roy, Ninja/UniverseRoleblocker has won the game!


18.- Mazrim - Super Smash Flash 2 Snake, 3rd party Nexus/Survivor. Lynched day 1!
14.- Lee Super Smash Bros Melee Fox, Town Neighborizer Lynched day 2!
9.- Bosscrab Super Smash Bros 4 Rosalina and Luma, Town Neighborhood Maker! FSmashed night 2!
15.- Twan Super Smash Bros 4 Sonic, Bulletproof Townie, lynched day 3!
7.- Sync Super Smash Bros Brawl Marth, Town cop has died via poison night 3!
5.- Audity Super Smash Bros Brawl Ice Climbers, Town forensic role cops has been killed via Fire Flower night 3!
19.- Refa(replaced Sumi) Project M Mario, Scum Proud "Townie"/Jack of all trades has been lynched day 4!
1.- Marlie Tang Super Smash Bros 64 Kirby, ??? has been killed via FSmash night 4!
8.- Grayfox6999 Project M Falco, Scum Godfather/Jack of all trades has been lynched day 5!
11.- RibbedKilla (Replaces Lauzengedius) Super Smash Bros 64 Luigi, Town Stealth Brother, has been killed via FSmash night 5!
10.- VaderSeven (replaced Something915) Super Smash Bros 4 Bowser, Self Empowered Townie lynched day 6!
3.- Carl Sagan Super Smash Bros Melee Pikachu, Snatcher/Even Night Tracker has been FSmashed night 6!
12.- Catastrophe Super Smash Bros Brawl Diddy Kong, Town 2-shot follower has been UpSmashed night 7!
17.- BLUST OF WINDSuper Smash Bros 64 Samus, Town Universe Cop, has been killed via FSmash night 8!
2.- BigC Super Smash Bros Melee Shiek, Non-Consecutive doctor lynched day 9!
16.- MurderByDeath Super Smash Bros 64 Captain Falcon, Town Semisaint/Ghost has been endgamed!
20.- DexterClaire Super Smash Bros 64 Link, Macho Hero has been endgamed!


4.- Toph Super Smash Bros 4 Cloud, Town Delayed Vigilante, Modkilled day 3!


Day 1 start
D1 Lynch. Mazrim, Solid Snake, the survivor/nexus!
Day 2 starts. Everyone seems fine!
D2 Lynch! Crowd favorite Lee, Fox McCloud!
Day 3 starts! Goodbye to bosscrab, Rosalina, AND luma!
D3 Lynch! Twan and Toph, Town unwanted non-nintendo guests Sonic and Cloud, are done for.
Day 4 starts! Sync and Audity, dead cop extravaganza!
Day 4 Universe Change! Welcome to Project M!
D4 lynch! Sumi/Refa, Nintendo's own Scumbo Mario.
Day 5! Krystal, kirby, appears dead and unknown for!
D5 lynch! Grayfox9996, Falco the godfather, has been lynched!
Day 6! Ribbed Killa, stealth mario brother, died!
D6 lynch! Vader, king of the koopas!
Day 7! Carl Sagan, the electric Rodent, Pikachu, has been found DEAD!
D7 lynch! Well, more like no lynch!
Day 8! Catastrophe, the hype diddy kong, has been KILLED I TELL YOU!
D8 no lynch! Phelps is breaking Olympic records, while town breaks records for sucking!!
D9 lynch! BIG C IS DEAD, BYE SHEIK! Scum wins!!!

¤ Starter Notes ¤
Welcome, welcome all, to the game of mafia which rules I’ve stolen from cyghfer’s game and my own game… with heavy modifications. I hope you all enjoy playing in it, and as a matter of fact I’m not even sure on just how balanced this will turn out to be, but at least I hope you have fun. Don’t expect a lot of whackyness but do expect new roles you haven’t seen applied at other games before. Also expect a bit of new mechanics that will, hopefully, make this an exciting game rather than a dumb one that I sucked at. I first wanted to just run a more traditional setup but for the sake of fun and whatever I went with this.

If you want more general information about anything mafia-related, feel free to browse this helpful wiki.

Since everyone in this game has played on this forum before, I assume everyone has a basic gist of how the game works.

Here are notable changes to this game's setup in comparison to other past games (READ THESE):
  • There is no deadline lynch. If no player has been hammered when the deadline has been reached, a no-lynch will occur.
  • Days will typically last ~140 hours (6 days), and nights will typically last ~48 hours. This may vary accordingly depending on what time of the day the hammer occurs.
  • 1-shot or otherwise limited-use investigative abilities WILL be depleted if the user receives the failure limerick upon use.
  • Hammer cannot occur during the first 48 hours of the day. This is to prevent something that I’ll go into in a bit. This will only work for the first 4 day games, though.
  • Should a daykill happen in the 2nd half of the game day will, in addition to extending the day ~48 hours, disables the hammer for only ~24 hours instead of disabling it for the remainder of the game day.
  • There might or might not be items involved in this game. You can only use 1 at a time though. That action is independent to your own abilities (if any).
  • Although nights last 48 hours, please try to send me your actions as soon as you can so that I can sort them through. I might have to extend the opening of a day a bit if I don’t have all the actions ~8 hours before day opening. Also, all actions need to be submitted via PM in the forum.
  • Again, I TRIED to balance this as much as I can, give me a fucking break if you think something is dumb and just play along until the end.

    ¤ Set-up specific mechanics ¤
    Here are specific rules about a certain mechanic to this game's setup in comparison to other past games (READ THESE):
  • Though to reasons that will be clear as the game progresses, and from different factors, the game will be jumping to different Universes, which at least include:
    1.- Super Smash Bros 64
    2.- Super Smash Bros Melee
    3.- Super Smash Bros Brawl
    4.- Super Smash Bros 4
  • The Universe itself will not be indicative of allignment.
  • After each night, you’ll move to a universe. All the effects of each location, how to move to each location, and the repercussions it will have in abilities or gameplay are unknown for the time being.
  • Voting, hammering, and everything that has to do with lynches have no impact on the Universe you are on.
  • The travelling mechanic will normally be at the start of a day. There might or might not be ways to trigger another change.

For players with doubts about the mechanics or who feel they have an unconventional roles feel free to ask me anything, as far as I know I might have made a mistake even if I read this thing a bunch of times. And there might be some points of confusion regarding these roles. Furthermore, newer players might not be aware of standard protocol regarding abilities and such in mafia games. Please ask! I may not give any answer if it would be unfair to other players to do so, but I don't want anyone to feel like they did not do as well as they could have due to lack of knowledge.

I'm not going to post a list of standard/common mafia tropes, as I don't want to influence people one way or another toward thinking a particular thing is a particular way this game, and I don't think that that kind of thing should be in a game's OP anyway. Others may do so in this game or elsewhere if they want.

However, do be mindful of these general maxims. Any ability can be associated with ANY alignment, no exceptions. A player can have several different individual abilities, and sub-properties of any of said abilities. Although it is advised not to try to metagame the setup in general, it IS a fact that I have tried to balance the setup as best as I could (no promises here whatsoever though), so you are welcome to try to use this fact to guess at aspects of the setup if you so desire.

¤ Rules ¤
¤ Contact ¤
AIM: MM880208 (never there lol)
Twitter: @Pidgey71
IRC: Pidgey7 on either or
Email: The easiest way to contact me is to write me a PM on the forum. SRSLY.

¤ Rules ¤
Please keep lurking to a minimum. Don't lurk at all, preferably. I invited players to this game that I trust will be active throughout the game, but should you drop below an arbitrary, not-too-strict threshold of activity, you may be replaced or modkilled. If you are going out of town or gonna be out for a day or two because of work, tell me and I’m sure we’ll work it out.
Try not to go overboard with personal insults, as this seems to turn off various players. This is generally an honor code-type thing - players are expected to be able to accept criticism or insults (up to a certain point) of themselves, but don't be a huge bitch please.

Standard mafia rules apply otherwise, though I'll be pretty lenient with non-gameplay spectator posts (use or some equivalent, also try to remember to use when hammering please)
Unlike most games, you guys are free to talk about whatever you want and for as long as you want until I close the topic.

¤ Personal Mod Rules ¤
Some of you might have noticed that I’m pretty busy at times. So yeah, I’ll still try to be here as much as I can, but you gotta give me a break at some things.
I probably won’t be able to post Vote counts regularly. You will probably get at least one in the afternoon and one in the night, though.
I might be lame and won’t be closing a hammered topic 12 hours into the last vote because of work so work with me here.
Even if I’ll really try, I cannot promise I’ll 100% be here in time to start of every day at the exact time I said I would. However, I’ll more than likely post here in advance so I don’t have everyone here waiting for me.
MY GRAMMAR SUCKS, MY SPELLING SUCKS. We all know it. It might also make it difficult to explain myself at times, so just ask if you have doubts.
So yeah, in general, just bear with me.

¤ Victory Conditions ¤
Town: You are town-aligned and win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.
Scum: You are scum-aligned and win when your team achieves unassailable dominance over the game.

Other factions may or may not exist. There are no victory conditions directly tied to a lynch.

¤ Cardflips & Flavor ¤
Flavor role, role title, and alignment will be revealed upon death. Certain role titles may not correspond to a standard mafia role like Cop and Roleblocker. No cardflip will contain an explicitly false alignment, but keep in mind that alignment, ability, and/or aspects thereof may not be revealed in a given cardflip for any number of reasons.

This will be a standard card flip.

Pichu, the electric rodent from Super Smash Bros Melee, town vanilla, was killed pregame!

Or something of the sort. Keep in mind some cardflips will retain important information regarding the role.

I will attempt to post cardflips as soon as I can, even if I have to provide flavor later.
Nightkills may be performed in addition to any other abilities the player may have, regardless of alignment.

Only investigative roles will be told if their action fails. If it does, they won't be told why, but will instead receive this pithy poem written by Tao Jones:
There once was a Mafia game
Where people's actions all failed the same
They got this verse
And let out a curse
That nothing of their night action became!

You will NOT be able to repeat a one-shot or otherwise limited use action, regardless of it is investigative or otherwise.

¤ Voting & Lynching ¤
This game will NOT have deadline lynches. A player must be hammered before the end of the deadline, or a no-lynch will occur at the end of the day. More than half of all living players must be voting for a player in order for that player to be hammered. For instance, if 15 players are alive, 8 votes are needed to hammer; if 8 players are alive, 5 votes are needed to hammer.
You cannot hammer someone for the first 4 game days before 48 hours go by.

¤ Deadlines ¤
Days will last for a standard baseline of ~148 hours (6 days). Hammer cannot occur in the first 48 hours.
Hammer rules are the same as they have been before. Someone can have enough votes to be hammered before it can be activated, but if enough people unvote before the hammer ends then they wont be lynched on hammer deadline. If no one does, they'll be automatically hammered.
Nights will last for a standard baseline of ~48 hours after the cardflip, though this may change depending on what time of the day the hammer occurs.
If you foresee yourself being unable to submit your night action(s) it is strongly advised that you submit night actions in advance, including conditional night actions if applicable. If I haven't heard anything from you when the night's deadline hits, you will default to taking no action.[color="#800080"][/color]
Smash 4 is cool

Birds are singing...

Flowers are Blooming...

Though somewhere, or maybe someplace? At a place where time isn't even in issue, and probably doesn't exist.

Fighters from all over the world gather to measure their strenghts and strategies. But this isn't about their own worlds. Not even their own universes.

Something seems to be threatening existance itself.

Calmness sorroundseverything

Home is a great place to be, right?

Night 0 has begun!





Game has officially started.

Will post n0 deadline soon.

Unless otherwise stated on your PM, you can't use your night actions on N0.

Activity Check - All good currently.
annoying bitch
i'm the serial killer
I'm scum.
annoying bitch
vote: sync
aw yeah
I'm here
oh this is just N0 not confirmation phase

well, "here" is my alignment
You can all start playing, there's just no voting at this phase.

translation: melee players need to stop living in the past
QUOTE (Pidgey @ Jun 17 2016, 08:21 PM) *
You can all start playing, there's just no voting at this phase.

But Pidgey, how on earth are we supposed to start if we can't vote for you?
k who's gonna be the pidgey of this game

I nominate grayfox
Prims where do I recognize your avatar from?
btw I love what you've done with your sig
probably the video game beatmania IIDX 23 copula
QUOTE (Prims @ Jun 17 2016, 08:40 PM) *
probably the video game beatmania IIDX 23 copula

That makes a lot of sense actually.
I actually missed out on my chance to unlock On the FM but it's a cool song so I'm being pretentious
Damn prims av/sig combo owns hard
Cool thank you smile.gif

some things never change
QUOTE (cyghfer @ Jun 17 2016, 08:53 PM) *
Not alphabetized ##vote sync

It was intended to serve as a replacement so your argument is baseless.

Matter of fact, I don't understand quite why that warranted a callout. FOS @ cyg. Possible scum-tell, who knows.

I'm not actually that big a fan of C-show, haha
QUOTE (sync @ Jun 17 2016, 08:00 PM) *
I'm not actually that big a fan of C-show, haha

I haven't actually heard much of his stuff. my impression of him from what I have heard is that he can write cool melodies but fills up his songs with weird empty beat sections that I don't care for. I loved the 50% of sideflip that had notes playing and hated the other 50%

Crack Traxxxx is great but I think that's mostly t+paz
dunno, invitation from mr. C is something I wish had a long

also, changing avatar soon to match smash
Alright fuck you guys, going to bed, got an SFV tourney tomorrow
高高度降下低高度開傘's title translates to "High Altitude Low Opening". High Altitude Low Opening (also known as HALO) is a high-altitude military parachuting technique, used as a method of delivering personnel, equipment, and supplies from a transport aircraft.

Also, Smash 4 is no longer cool.
bapple cider vinegar
omfg i just wanna play ff6mafia

QUOTE (bapple cider vinegar @ Jun 17 2016, 05:35 PM) *
omfg i just wanna play ff6mafia

ff6mafia would own. would play.
There, my avatar now matches my previous post.

QUOTE (Prims @ Jun 17 2016, 09:03 PM) *
Crack Traxxxx is great but I think that's mostly t+paz

Red Traxxxx is better
Kanashimi no Belladonna is a fucking bizarre film goddamn

Satoshi Kon ain't got shit on that b!tch
wow i haven't slept in 32 hours so all i have to say is turbo piggy

##vote piggy

jk but i'm excited to play maf on s3 again, y'all
i'd bet $5 on twan making fewer than 5 posts per game day on average this game
*checks bottom of main forum page*

blust you better fucking change your avatar back to the crazy-looking woman about to chomp down on the bone of the drumstick she's holding this is way too much of a tonal shift for you
QUOTE (Pidgey @ Jun 17 2016, 09:04 PM) *

just noticed this part of your post

im a big fan of this song thanks for using it :-)
Pidgey should have picked a more fitting fighting game for him w/r/t Mafia

no seriously blust's avatar is bothering me i cant deal with this guys
QUOTE (cyghfer @ Jun 18 2016, 01:22 AM) *
just noticed this part of your post

im a big fan of this song thanks for using it :-)

Melee is well past its expiry date, but the music is fantastic.
bapple cider vinegar
What happens when a popular fledgling cryptocurrency gets hacked:

wow owned

Day 1 will start tomorrow night, June 19th at 22:00 CT.

Still waiting for everyone to check in and send N0 actions if aplicable.
Mazrim, the sound when you Fulton people in Peace Walker automatically plays in my head every time Iook at your avatar. It's great.

I agree with BossCrab. Should have made Super S3 Mafia: Hyper Turbo Pidgey Edition. Missed opportunity.
annoying bitch
to twan:

wanna play brawl
First time I've played mafia in just under 2 years. Hopefully I'm not too rusty. (I was never a mafia wizard or anything but, you know, relatively speaking.)

Pidgey trying to burn out joke-phase before D1 begins I WON'T FALL FOR YOUR TRICKS PIDGEY
annoying bitch
pidgey make the DJing bird your avatar or sig pls and ty
im still a mafia wizard i will kill all the scum AND the serial killer in THREE DAYS just watch
bapple cider vinegar
QUOTE (MURDER BY DESU @ Jun 18 2016, 03:11 PM) *

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