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Full Version: INFINITAS scores allowed?
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Are we allowed to enter scores from INFINITAS for songs that are in the database? I can see some points where it'd be an unfair advantage (for songs that only showed up on the older CS versions, like KEEP ON MOVIN'), though one could also say that about any later CS style.

I don't expect INFINITAS only songs to be added to the database (though I wouldn't object to that, and wouldn't mind assisting with that if needed), especially since full support could be a little hairy (the records save even less than 8th-10th did, ex score and miss count only).
One Niceass Individual
i've toyed with the idea of this thread for months
aaaand i've come to the conclusion that there's not more than 10 people outside of asia playing infinitas. hence the lack of demand for new songs to be added to S3. glad that sirius CS finally exists, but it's just not the same as a formal PS2 release (CS originals? 5k revivals? expert/dani nintei mode? gallery? hidden surprises like Gambol-Judge-H and A? WRONG DECADE BRUH)

Keep on Movin' wasnt on any CS games btw, wow, how can you not know, that,
Keep On Movin is on 3rd (though the Normal chart is exclusive to INFINITAS), but nothing else. Not sure why the wiki doesn't have it on the list.

Dan mode was probably missing at first because 45 songs isn't really enough to make a good course list (I'd imagine there's a reason all of the styles that had it had large songlists).

I'm just curious if I'm allowed to enter my INFINITAS scores to the database for songs that are already there. My Keep On Movin score on INFINITAS is only 3 points higher than what I've got here, but my Flowers for Albion scores (4th only apart from INFINITAS) are quite a bit higher, likely due to the greater hi-speed options. There is a major lack of options in INFINITAS so far for score comparisons (though it did finally gain all the AC ghosts in March, except for being able to have rivals).
One Niceass Individual
wow uh...well shit how did i get the idea that Keep on Movin wasnt on any CS games? Truly Baffling

i dont care if people put AC/infinitas scores up, but i'm sure there's at least one anal-retentive type who would go all "B-B-BUT IF YOU PLAY QUELL ON DISTORTED CS YOU DONT GET TO USE GREEN NUMBER, AND THERE'S NO SUDDEN+ FOR NARCISSUS AT OASIS ON 10TH, THIS IS UNFAIR, WHERE IS THE JUSTICE? YOU POSTED A PHOTO OF A GIRL WITH A NON-TRADITIONAL BODY IMAGE AND A CUPCAKES SHIRT WHERE THE NAGEKI PHOTO SHOULD HAVE GONE AND YOU DIDNT EVEN USE A TRIGGER WARNING!!!! Remy?! REMY?!?!?!" let's make a new site for them called Humiliating Hugbox Hovel, good 30th birthday present, IMO

Infinitas doesnt even have R-Random or Lift, right? Yeah they still got a ways to go before it's TRULY unfair.

No R-Random, but Lift is there. INFINITAS uses SPADA's engine, so if it was in SPADA, it's here too.

I did some messing around with the KEY ASSIST options awhile back, and ANY KEY actually resulted in poorer performance than usual. This is because I had the habit of hitting two keys when two notes came in, but ANY KEY only looks at one key per set of notes, so I was getting a lot of Bads.
QUOTE (Thunderbird @ Jun 4 2016, 02:12 PM) *
(the records save even less than 8th-10th did, ex score and miss count only).

Wow, you'd think they'd try a little harder for a home release considering what they've done up to that point for CS styles.
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