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over there
BEMANI Online Topranker Tournament

1st: $50
2nd: $30
3rd: $20

1st: $50
2nd: $30
3rd: $20

-Three weeks, one course every week
-You may play the course as often as you like
-Songs are random and can not repeat
-All songs will be played on their highest difficulty level, NOT including black another
-Styles are weighted random and can repeat, weighting based on ease of use
-14th-16th have green number, sudden+, and small laneflares, so they get 4 chances each
-11th-13th have sudden+ and small laneflares, 3 chances each
-9th, 10th, US have small laneflares, 2 chances each
-3rd-8th have 1 chance each
-Premium Best will not be used
-Players will be awarded points each week for their placing
-1st place gets 5 points, 2nd 4 points, 3rd 3 points, down to 5th with 1 point
-Points will be tallied after the tournament period ends and the three highest point totals win

Time and Dates
-Every week for three weeks starting Sunday, June 5th at midnight
-Starting date will be delayed if there are not enough entrants
-Scores must be submitted BEFORE midnight Sunday of the following week

-NO ILLEGAL MODIFIERS ALLOWED, based on each style and NOT current legality
-If you are late by less than one day, one time for a deadline I will not penalize you
-You WILL be disqualified if you are late more than once or for more than one day
-If you refuse or fail to provide proof when I ask you for it you will be disqualified
-The ONLY form of proof I will accept is a picture of the course ranking screen
-This tournament should run on the honor system, I won't ask unless necessary

You must register on or the group on Facebook, as I will not be checking every site for this tournament. When you register give me your CURRENT dj name on solidstatesquad if you have one so I don't have to ask for proof.
Prizes will be given through personal check, possibly paypal if there is a need for it.

I understand some people need time to adjust to different timing on different styles so I am going to let you know that the first style that I randomed was GOLD. I won't announce the songs until midnight Sunday to make sure no one gets an unfair advantage, but I will try to give you the styles a few days beforehand. Good luck!

Sorry if I messed up your handle, this is the entrant list:
overthere/dj CERVIX SP+DP
TheWertle/dj WERTLE SP
Sigma/dj $!&M4 SP
TheVgameT/dj DRMGZR SP
gambolller/dj 20111. SP
dead/dj OFFSET SP
Bert2DX/dj BERT SP
Faker13/dj FAKR SP
metrosage/dj KJAP SP+DP
GayGoblin/dj GOBLIN SP
Jimbo22291/dj JIMBO SP
MilkChan/dj BUKAKE SP
Jadin/dj HOOD SP+DP
Pablo/dj AZUUUU SP
sikraiken/dj SIK SP
bdp/dj BDP SP
chickensnack/dj CHKN SP
linus/dj LAI- DP
Brazoliange/dj BRAZO SP
kknd/dj KKND SP
m335h73r/dj M335H! DP
Rhys/dj RHYS DP
1st Samurai/dj NMD SP
SP Total: 20
DP Total: 6
I assumed you entered singles only if you said nothing about doubles, if you did want to enter the doubles division (or singles if you only entered doubles) please contact me this coming week.
If you have not yet registered and would like to you have until next Saturday at 11:59 PM, the 11th, to do so.

Songs will be posted at 12:00 AM Eastern State Time Sunday morning (aka tonight). Since we have people from all different time zones, please note I am running this according to EST.
Songs must be arranged in the correct order and I will make up a name for the course which you must use, which will show in your photo proof if you need it. You may play the course however many times you like.
Post your scores on the facebook event page or the solidstatesquad forum topic. If you get a better score feel free to post it, I will take the highest score you get during the week. If you have entered a score before 12:00 AM EST 6/12/11 and post another score AFTER that time, that score will be ignored but you will not be penalized smile.gif

I wish everyone good luck and I hope we get some good songs for the course!

Week 1 Update!
The course is the following, ALL charts are another including doubles:
heaven above 9/9
Drivin' 10/9
Chain of pain 10/11
ヨシダさん (yoshidasan) 9/8
Turning the motor over 6/6
SPA 44 DPA 43

The following people have been added to the entrant list:
Krelian/dj FUNG SP
Junglist King/dj 3O222S DP (?)
Skeeter/dj SKEE SP
Ricky/dj TOASTY SP
SP Total: 25
DP Total: 8
Junglist, get back to me on which division(s) you want to enter. I assumed DP but if you want to enter SP too or SP alone let me know.

Next week's style is 9th! 9th's timing is a bit tricky so you may want to get a jump on it for next week, whenever you think you've got a good enough score on Gold.

Remember, there are less than one and a half days left and you need to post a score before 11:59 PM Saturday night to be counted! You won't be disqualified if you are late one day or less but you will not be able to use that priveledge again, so be careful.
Tonight or tomorrow I will post a list of those people who have not put in any scores yet.

Week 2 Update
Thank you those who submitted scores, I will post points and rankings sometime tomorrow so stand by! As for this week:
The end of my spiritually 6/6
Usual Days-remix 7/7
OVER THE CLOUDS -Flying Grind mix- 5/5
Sweet Sweet <3 Magic 7/7
Total: 32/32
Good luck! Scores due by 11:59 PM Saturday, June 18th.

Hey guys quick update, tomorrow and next week's style will be Empress! We will not use Premium Best as it has no course mode sad.gif Also just a reminder, we will NOT use any black anothers because they can't be placed in courses.

I want to apologize for not having the points and rankings for week 1 up yet, but please rest assured I'll have everything sorted out and up soon. I've done a ton of stuff this week and haven't had a lot of time to play the course so I'll be doing that for the next ~6 hours or so.
Let that be a reminder, you have roughly 6 HOURS before this week ends and all scores must be in!

This week's course is titled SLOWLIFE
Punch Love ♥ 仮面 10/10
Gymnopedie 009 10/10
まほろば 9/11
Sunshine Hero 9/10

SP 47
DP 51

Good luck, this is the final week!
ErAseRmoTor maXimUM
this sounds fun I'd participate but I'm guessing there's no way for this to work with AC/don't have all the required cs styles/can't time cs

ps: I hope sars signs up
QUOTE (ErAseRmoTor maXimUM @ May 31 2011, 01:06 AM) *
ps: I hope sars signs up

I heard his time is worth way more than $20
you should enter anyway :>
ErAseRmoTor maXimUM
he could get $100 ez from sp and dp

and yeah watch out for my AAA+single digits on easy 10s on cs everyone might as well forfeit
i'm going to lose but whatever, it should still be fun
I wanna enter DP only but I doubt if it will get enough entrant lol.
Also I don't have all CS
Also I don't have paypal nor any means to receive money even if I win

Anyway I'll play if I can.
Blue Rain
sure dude, sign me up for singles action
suppose it'll be a funtime
over there
linus: Let me know what's the best way to pay you if you enter and end up top 3. I'll probably do DP as long as it has 4 entrants, SP looks like it's gonna have a good amount no matter what.

eraser: Just give it a shot, you'll still probably do really well and it's not like I'm charging entry fee or anything.

For anyone worried about not having CS games give it a shot anyway, like I said newer styles will have priority and they're easier to get a hold of, not to mention more people seem to have them. Additionally, if you have any suggestions about how to cope with different people having different CS styles please feel free to post them. Keep in mind I don't want any illegal activities or anything so no cracked HDDs or anything.
I'm in.

edit: sp only
shoot maybe they'll grade stuff based on how many cbrks they got on OML's last measure
I'm in!! biggrin.gif SP only
over there
Looks like the first style will be GOLD! Updated the first post for you guys.
rofl 5 bucks says the course is Gazillionaire
over there
QUOTE (m335h73r @ Jun 2 2011, 04:35 PM) *
rofl 5 bucks says the course is Gazillionaire

Haha that's like a one in 1,000 chance.
so wait how are you gonna determine who wins?

Because it's gonna be pretty mean to have all these people enter thinking they have a chance yet they're only at like Normal/Hyper levels while you got other people busting ass on [A].
kevin energy
I guess I'll sign up for this
over there
QUOTE (m335h73r @ Jun 2 2011, 04:56 PM) *
so wait how are you gonna determine who wins?

Because it's gonna be pretty mean to have all these people enter thinking they have a chance yet they're only at like Normal/Hyper levels while you got other people busting ass on [A].

Did you read the rules? The songs will be played at their highest difficulty level. If there is a black another it's ignored because you can't use those in courses. If there's no another the hyper is the hardest chart so it becomes the one you play. If there's a hyper that's harder than another like what happens on doubles sometimes, I'll specify which one to play.

Also yeah kev do it :> This'll be a fun tournament. I'm gonna write up full list of entrants tonight, we've got 3 or 4 people for doubles so far so if anyone wants to enter or plays doubles at all please do!
sign me up for doubles.

I'll lose horribly but I like doubles more than singles atm.
over there
QUOTE (m335h73r @ Jun 2 2011, 06:45 PM) *
sign me up for doubles.

I'll lose horribly but I like doubles more than singles atm.

:> Awesome
oh PS I only have 9th-Empress so yeah.
over there
QUOTE (m335h73r @ Jun 2 2011, 06:06 PM) *
oh PS I only have 9th-Empress so yeah.

Chances of getting anything older than 9th are like 1/7 lol. You'll probably be fine.
Im out of town for the first week of this, or I would try it for fun.
I'll lose horribly, but just to get myself to play more doubles Anothers, i'll sign up smile.gif Doubles only.
1st Samurai
I wouldn't mind entering this for SP, although I did drop out of the Sigma one due to a crippling skills deficiency. Ah fuck it, someone's got to come last eh? Count me in.
I have no GOLD lol... at least at this moment. Will try my best to get it...
over there
Information in first post updated, please read!
Current entrant list will be posted prior to 8 PM EST.
Dude i'm in man.

Krelian/dj FUNG SP

I hope to be at least top 5 lol...
over there
QUOTE (Krelian @ Jun 4 2011, 10:03 PM) *
Dude i'm in man.

Krelian/dj FUNG SP

I hope to be at least top 5 lol...

:> looks like the competition in this tournament is gonna be good haha
get on that song list rofl
over there
Done, see first post.
oh my god that course is reasonable yaaaaaaaaaaaaay
hahahaha turning the motor over
Nice song choice. ps just got GOLD CS =D
dude you didnt add me on to the list yet :>...
over there
QUOTE (Krelian @ Jun 6 2011, 01:27 AM) *
dude you didnt add me on to the list yet :>...

Don't worry, I've got a couple more people to add too which I'll do tomorrow. Also waiting to hear back from a few others.
So let me begin the competition smile.gif

1st trial. Did kind of bad on Chain of Pain, it's hard...

over there
Haha wow, nice job linus. My best right now is 7365 but I at least wanna get 7500 before the end of the week. If I can just AA Chain I'll be very happy.
Rofl I can't even beat the course without easy mode because of Chain of Pain, I hate you so much for that hahaha.
over there
QUOTE (m335h73r @ Jun 6 2011, 01:44 PM) *
Rofl I can't even beat the course without easy mode because of Chain of Pain, I hate you so much for that hahaha.

Gold is a good style for DP practice though, lotsa easier charts to step up from.
firsttry SP [8370] 4060-250-10-4-12
sectry SP [8398] 4082-234-5-3-8
thirtry SP [8434] 4117-200-7-0-1 (FC)

SP: 8008 [3759-490-65-7-15]
DP: 6975 [3102-771-307-62-271] (AA)
haha i suck at this game, my best right now is like 7280, i've only played it twice but still
4thtry [8463] 4154-155-6-6-11
5thtry [8443] 4128-187-2-5-10 (-20)
6thtry [8376] 4068-240-13-1-10 (-87)
7thtry [8426] 4113-200-9-2-12 (-37)
8thtry [8405] 4097-211-11-4-9 (-58)

so much for consistency :<
1st Samurai
Dang, I'm hitting around 6k at the moment. If I make 7000 I'll be lucky.
so my current best SP is [7494] 3349/796/163/8/19

next try [7624] 3470/684/141/10/33

kevin energy
firsttry 8191 3926/339/39/16/8 bad chain random led to badsssss
secondtry 8271 3974/323/23/4/6 good chain random but bads anyways!!!!

Fake-ass John Travolta
8061 SP fuck Drivin
over there
QUOTE (Lovely Hands @ Jun 8 2011, 10:27 PM) *
8061 SP fuck Drivin

This is pretty much my sentiment this week. Chain can be hard but it's not often I get like more than -30 from my best. Drivin is just all over the place.
Got 7996; 3780/436/70/18/48. With like 145 combined greats on the first, fourth, and fifth songs. Typical me choking on 10s and above! Oh, muted TV because my game is offsync and that's the only way I can play now. Damn.

Since that was like my 5th try and everyone else has higher than me, no point in bothering with improvement since I'm not top 3 material anymore, hahaha.
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