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QUOTE (Jadin)
Okay, let's fill these up!
I'm gonna test something out here.
Let's use a public account to edit the first post with scores. Hopefully this forum is trustworthy enough to not have problems... if we do, then I can use a regular account or maybe have the forum hidden in a 50+ post user forum or something.

pewpewpew/ fire

1 credit mode! Please follow the default format when editing scores. Players using XBOX to play Raiden Fighters series must switch to arcade difficulty. Players using MAME to play Raiden Fighters series, please remember to play the JP version :>
Please follow the default format when editing scores.

10,197,858, Hacker - VgameT
5,973,088, Hacker - luppolol
4,270,326, Hacker - TJB

Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 (Novice Original):
403,401,574 - Reco/Normal - Zerst
346,849,624 - Reco, No miss - Jadin
328,494,264 - Reco, No miss - osrg
279,822,816 - Reco, No miss - dog$

Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 (Novice Maniac):
450,687,181 - Reco/Normal - Zerst
390,161,927 - Reco - Jadin

Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 (Novice Ultra):
1,075,388,322 - Reco/Normal - Zerst (all)
953,748,269 - Reco - Jadin
701,278,460 - Reco - dog$

Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 (Original):
238,645,401 - Palm/Abnormal - Zerst (all, arcade)
218,523,351 - Palm-Abnormal - TJB
209,362,623 - Reco - spineshark
67,0772,912 - Reco - Jadin
30,795,460 - Reco - dog$

Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 (Maniac):
185,743,632 - Palm/Abnormal - Zerst (stage 4, xbox360)
80,316,188 - Reco - dog$

Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 (Ultra):
42,235,653 - Reco/Normal - Zerst (stage 2, xbox360)

Mushihimesama Futari Arrange (Ultra):
4,124,987,567 - Zerst (All)
3,702,321,962 - CStarFlare (all clear)
1,056,007,766 - dog$

Raiden Fighters:

Raiden Fighters 2:
25,703,169 - Jadin

Raiden Fighters Jet:
over there
Entered some mushi novice orig scores, will put up exact scores as well as some other mode scores tomorrow.
Where's Genetos?
oh yeah, Genetos too. forgot to add.
I tried tried mushi 1.5 novice original, and didn't even get hit until the last stage so I thought I was doing good
then I got 244 million :<
so I looked up the scoring system and I'm like 'ohhhh' (
so the next game I got hit about 100 times but I still got 266 million
now I'm gonna try without playing on the top half of the screen
edit: 278 million :< nice scores osrg lol
Oh yeah, definitely make sure to note that people should be playing the JP versions of RF2. That's the version included on the 360 collection.
oh ok thanks
I took out multiple characters for the mushi novice because mushi doesn't have multiple characters on the scoreboards, and I wanted to be consistenttt. if you really want to keep it that's fine though

0 points on all shmups ever made because I'm a virgin still 8)
sir nabsalot
I don't think I'ma be able to hit this till sunday. Can Raiden 4 be on the list?
It is this poster's honest opinion that you have too many lists and not enough players.

You might want to scale it back, generate interest in a specific game. Maybe do a game a month, or a game every couple weeks. Maybe a game you haven't played before. Be adventurous. If you don't do it, I probably will. Just saying.
I'm not really worried about it cause I just made the thread a day or two ago. I'm not expecting everyone interested to have scores up in a week!
If you want to do another thread that's fine :>
even though osrg only has one mushi score up, I'm still having fun playing the novice original and ultra modes since I never played them before... and even though I'm being more formal about this kinda stuff, the overall point is to have fun I guess. If you want, I can try to persuade people to play a certain game every couple of weeks by changing the thread title... hmm...

edit: can only people with a certain amount of posts edit their topic title? :<

anyway let's play more mushi lol. I'll try to get spineshark and csta in here
Well gosh don't I just suck at Futari!
chotto kiitena
TJB was playing Mushihimesama Futari at my place on Maniac and Arrange Ultra and for me it was like someone who's never played IIDX before trying to comprehend AA [a]

Do scores posted to this need to be actual clears of the game on 1 credit (or can you just not continue when you die and post that) because if not I can post my laughably low novice score when I dig it out
I think you just post your high scores no matter how far you got. At least that's what I did.
kevin energy
qxVg (12:09:31 AM): I was gonna ask you
qxVg (12:09:50 AM): if you wanted to write somethin
qxVg (12:09:55 AM): for genetos
The VgameT (12:10:05 AM): ?????????
qxVg (12:10:08 AM): so people can get hype and start playing
The VgameT (12:11:27 AM): hmmm
The VgameT (12:11:47 AM): MAYBE
The VgameT (12:11:54 AM): maybe I'll make video
qxVg (12:12:42 AM): ooh ye
yeeee genetos
I'll play after I stop being addicted to ace combat 6
oops I guess I kinda lost all my decent futari scores except 1.5 original

guess I'll have to work on that
kevin energy
I don't have an xbox, someone compete in genetos :(
QUOTE (SPEEDY CAT @ Jan 13 2010, 05:59 PM) *
I don't have an xbox, someone compete in genetos sad.gif


that guy at the end who reminds me of the final boss from RSG is confusing, how do you hurt it? >: I'll put up a score later fun game so far
kevin energy
do you mean the thing with the different colored orbs? you have to make them all the same color
QUOTE (SPEEDY CAT @ Jan 17 2010, 03:31 PM) *
do you mean the thing with the different colored orbs? you have to make them all the same color

Nah the one after that, I looked at a video on youtube briefly and noticed the player use some big arse laser, obviously I'm missing something >:
kevin energy
oh. uh shoot it until it drops Greens and then collect the Greens until you evolve again
Ah yeah thanks, I didn't notice that it wanted me to evolve at the end.

Genetos is pretty damn fun though, musics good too <:

Will definitely try to improve my score tomorrow
I got a message on XBL asking me to come

so here I am

I've got a 262,xxx,xxx score in Futari 1.5 Original but I won't update the first post until I get the exact number. But I'll put in my Ultra arrange score, which I haven't seen anyone on shmups or cave-stg beat (yet)

EDIT: Also, I added commas to the first post. Just because Cave doesn't use them doesn't me you get to be lazy. emot-colbert.gif
csta inspired me to play mushi but I'm so terrible at the regular modes :<
I got 38th on novice maniac on my second try and I thought that was neat?
This looked like it flopped but oh well >:

I put up a score for futari original, I guess if I practiced the bosses a bit I wouldn't always end up at the last boss with no lives left
So after playing some Esp2 for a bit, it has come to my attention that I'm pretty horrible at all of Cave's shooters at least, and maybe most shooters in general. I like the games enough to buy them and play them a bit but it's getting to the point where I'm wondering why I bother doing so.

I'm lucky to get to Stage 3 in Esp2 on the regular arcade version of the game. I rarely pass Stage 1 with all three lives. At that rate, I'll need to play the game for at least a year straight or something before I can even think about doing something like a 1cc. A few people at system11 have already 1cc'd Arrange mode; for me on playing that, the first three stages of that are cake but as soon as I hit Stage 4 I get raped.

Some people say to watch videos to help learn how to play the game but to me that's like reading a FAQ on an RPG to the point of dependency where you just follow someone else's instruction set. The enjoyment which I still have out of the games so far is figuring out how to do things on my own, but that doesn't prevent me from becoming totally infuriated by having a good stage run lead up to dying twice at the boss within the first 20 seconds because I made some stupid mistake.

Anyway sorry I needed to type this somewhere. Maybe I'll put some Esp2 scores up once I can get the extend on Stage 1 in BL like everyone else seems to already have figured out.


Oh yeah, forgot to mention:

That was me. I didn't know it was specifically 4chan related. Sorry. Whoever put that picture up can take it down now or whatever.

edit 2
Oh the picture is on imageshack - ok I'll just remove it myself.
over there
I suck at shmups right now too, but hopefully ESP2 will alleviate that a little bit when it finally gets here.
Espgaluda 2 is probably one of caves last shit-hard games, so don't feel bad about sucking at it, I do too >: My copy came in yesterday though and it really is a great game, just has a bit of a steep learning curve for a cave game imo

put up a more recent futari original score too, I've been spending more time learning ultra so whenever I play original now I get WAAAAYYY too cocky
So thanks to Microsoft's sale on 360s I can play Mushi now. smile.gif I've only been playing Arcade and Arrange Original mode so far, and trying to figure out the scoring system. Is there somewhere I can read up on it?

For arrange original it seemed like I scored higher when the gauge on the bottom left was at 9999, plus Palm would shoot his laser as well, so I basically left it there and got 1.2 billion by the end of the game.
This thread has some good explanation about Mushi Arcade mode.

Their thread on Arrange mode has nothing of value quite yet. You want to have both gauges at 9999 so that you can activate the hyper shot and cancel everything on the screen while the gauges deplete.
So next time I make it to stage 5 of Black Label God I'm going to remember to save the replay. Score's uploaded to Live though (1.2 billion)

Stage 1 ultra can go to hell. 2-4 aren't nearly as bad.

Also played novice mode because that's apparently what people are playing here. Top 20 in original/maniac.
over there
270 mil ageha esp2 360 novice, no miss

Nothing special but at least I no missed novice :> Only needed to bomb once total on the final boss and TLB.
does ace combat 6 count as a shmup because this game rules 8)
That reminds me of the time a guy asked whether pinball was a shmup
oh sweet
it totally is
ErAseRmoTor maXimUM
AC 6 is the fakest ace combat ever. the whole series started going downhill after 4 which is pretty much the best video game ever made.
yeah I heard from a lot of people that the PS2 ones are the best, but AC6 is the first one I played and it's fun to blow up stuff. (Also I'm borrowing that flight stick from jason and I imagine it's not that fun without it). I'm probably like those kids who played FFX as their first final fantasy and love it
1,145,516,500 mushi arrange novice ultra
Speaking of shmups and competitions, are there enough people on system11 (and up for it) for an entirely SSS team?
I am but don't expect me to boost up your ranking lol

I know vgamet is but he's already on a good team

Don't know about anyone else
I'm on system11 as well (same name but I've posted maybe 10-20 times in 4 years) but I don't play as much as I used to.

Although I'll probably start playing a lot more once the semester starts.
I've typically joined one of the SDA teams but I kinda don't want to this year since I don't want to spend a lot of time on this and my performance would be miserable. If there's an SSS team I'd maybe join it I guess. Could possibly rope in vopeju to fill space as well.

proposed team name: Hype the Core
When is the deadline?
The 30th. And don't worry about how well you do. I'm mostly shit at any game without the words "Mushihimesama" and "arrange" involved.
OK, well, I'm down to join this theoretical S3 team, but if we're going to do that we'd A) need at least 5 people and B) need to get all of this figured out (and registrations updated) within 3 days.
raiden fighters eh
Alright, I've got vopeju on board, and we can either pick up TJB or I'm bugging a guy I know who posted here a long time ago (way before I ever did haha). I'll take captain I guess, unless someone else wants to?

Other stuff that has to be handled:
1) team name. I still can't come up with one that I like more than "Hype the Core" but if anyone else can I'd like to hear it.
2) week one voting. Trying not to be too biased but our choices are:

Battle Bakraid: dumbest game of all time. I kind of really hope it wins.
Strikers 1999: Psikyo game, so you know what you're getting into. Fast, two loops, lots of bullshit. A lot of people like Psikyo games in STGT because they're simple to pick up but if you play for more than a week you start to get mad at how stupid they are. (Gunbird2 and Dragon Blaze are cool games though. S99 not as much.)
Raiden Fighters (1): Also a fast game, and the one vorpal wants. I'm not too familiar with the mechanics but it shouldn't be too complicated and it's probably a bit easier as a game than Strikers and way easier to score in than Bakraid. (If Bakraid wins then the week is gonna be taken by some guy who's already learned at least one of the boss fights)

Team captain sends a vote before the week starts (preferably electoral college style, but I guess they could also just do whatever they want). I think we're doing this!
You don't want to play Bakraid. You really don't want to play Bakraid.
I didn't say I wanted to play it. I said I hoped it would win.
I'll play if I can fix my computer
I have raiden fighters aces on xbox and p.sure arcade mode is compatible?
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