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First enter them into the database as new songs with only 7A and/or 14A charts. (done)

Next, flag the another+ songs somehow. Either add a new column to every song in the database, or make a new table containing the songids of the bonus songs. (848, 849, 850, etc)

Now on 3.0 the songs will appear as extra anothers and nothing will break. Even though 3.0 is supposed to be forgotten. But on 4.0 there's a reason for doing this. First, modify the difficulty dropdown on the song session page to include "extras" and "extras-14". The idea is that only the songs flagged as bonus songs show up there. Taking the extra step to make sure that the songs also don't show up under the other difficulties might be nice, but whatever.

The view dj and dj battle pages are the main reason to flag certain songs as extra. First, remove the extra column for 5K. Especially since 10K was never done. And definitely don't make more columns for 7D and 14D. Too many columns. Instead, put all of the songs marked as extras down at the bottom after all of the normal songs. I think it will both look better and be more readable. Then for the "stats at a glance", again, make it 7N/7H/7A/extras and 14N/14H/14A/extras-14. That is probably going to be a pain in the ass. And the the dj battle page is basically the same thing as the view dj page.

The beautiful part of this solution is that it is future proof. And it solves 5K. So for BMUS, make a new song called 321 Stars (5 KEYS), give it a 7H with 413 notes and a 14H with 436 notes, and flag it as an extra chart. And for Happy Sky we could make Scripted Connection (long mix) an extra chart. And maybe the Gold 7D charts too. Actually, Gambol (RED) could be an extra if people want it to be. Nothing will ever break the DB again.
Blue Rain
i use 3.0 sad.gif
QUOTE (Faker13 @ Jan 2 2009, 03:14 AM) *
i use 3.0 sad.gif


i mean... why?
Blue Rain
i don't like 4.0 interface
QUOTE (Faker13 @ Jan 2 2009, 03:30 AM) *
i don't like 4.0 interface

One Niceass Individual
The problem with Schlon\vanes\kamai[k] is that on non-hacked discs, score records don't save in kaiden. This is easily remedied, however, by taking a photo of the results screen, or just hacking the songs into free mode. (Scores do save this way, although the pacemaker graph behaves oddly on some iso patches)
I'd really enjoy separate 5k entries for certain DD\GOLD\DJT songs but scores don't save and we're not gonna use a photo-obsessive honor system. Oh well.
people use 4.0?
QUOTE (VgarneT @ Jan 2 2009, 06:45 AM) *
people use 4.0?

Kirby Kirby Kirby
I was told by Remy when he did the server migration that very very few people use 4.0 and that I'm essentially one of a few people who seem to like it.

I use 4.0 :[]
I like just seems to glitch up in Firefox 3 and I hate Safari so I just stick with 3.0.

4.0 doesn't show putf8um AAAs, however. :< (It *does* show S+ usage, however)
i use the 3.0. i occasionally use the new one cos it shows happy sky ratings, but the interface is so mechanical and confusing, its much easier to use the old one.
K. Do it to the 3.0 pages then.

I actually switched from 3.0 to 4.0 less than a year ago. haha. I find 3.0 easier for entering all of my scores the first time, and 4.0 easier for updating my scores on games that I've already played.
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