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Full Version: pop'n music 9's Long Version error
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To think that it's been nearly 3 years since this error's been noticed (or worked on, rather), but here it is anyways:

A Perfect Combo, as we know, is, without cools, a 100K with no excess bads. Therefore, a user with 5 100K's on 9-Line, all without excess, will have a PC count of 5 in the user view page. Well, in the user view page, for either pop'n music 9, or all pop'n music (basically, any view that will have long version songs included), PC counts aren't counted for long versions. I have 10 long version 100K's on 9-Line. My grid on the right side ( ) says there are 110 100K's and 1 95K+ on 9-Line, yet it has me listed for 100 PC's and 11 FC's. The correct count should be 110 PC's, and 1 FC.

The reason, I'm sure, has something to do with the fact that long versions are out of 200K rather than 100K, so if the requirement for a PC is that the score must be 100K, then a player who achieves a 100K on a long version (see: essentially a 50K), they would achieve a PC. For example, see here:;highlight=KAZE

I inputted a full combo with x amount of goods, and the score as 100K. My user view now has +1 PC's because, in the code, a full combo + 100K = PC. However, with a long version, this is not the case, as the score at hand is, very much not a PC.

So, if there's any way to add into the code that 100K + FC AND 200K + FC = PC, then that would work perfectly. The odds of someone full combo'ing a song with exactly a 100K on a long version is zero to none, so I don't think it would be necessary to work out that particular kink in the code. The other kink, however, where an actual PC on a long version does not add to your PC count can be a bit troublesome, and if it's not too much of a problem, I request that it be fixed.

Thank you.

Thanks for caring, guys.
chotto kiitena
I'm here to offer moral support if you need it, but I don't think Remy currently has time to even do any work on VJA, let alone PNN.
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