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post Feb 26 2012, 11:27 PM
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Everyone Is Innocent

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From: Totally Not Minnesota (Don't Believe Ondore)


I, too, believe an 8dan beat dolce by 14 points

[06:24:01] <~Jadin> this nigga dissin on FF and earthbound back to back :<

[00:41:59] <~Jadin> wtf is this shit
[00:42:01] <~Jadin> worst game ever
[00:57:04] <~Jadin> fthis gay\
[00:57:10] <~Jadin> lol
[01:00:59] <~Jadin> >:O
[01:01:05] <~Jadin> gayass buncha faggots everywher
[01:05:46] <~Jadin> FUCK
[01:06:05] <~Jadin> >:(
[01:16:26] <~Jadin> I'll; get it back
[01:16:38] <~Jadin> :>
[01:18:36] <~Jadin> f this gaym
[01:20:52] <~Jadin> worst speedrun ever
[01:45:16] <~Jadin> FUCKin shit
[01:45:18] <~Jadin> gayest
[01:49:57] <~Jadin> that's it I'm fucking done

[14:07:17] <~Jadin> game so gay lol
[14:27:21] <~Jadin> wtf wak
[14:40:15] <~Jadin> fucking shit
[14:41:33] <~Jadin> >:O
[14:41:39] <~Jadin> worst gamre
[14:43:12] <~Jadin> !t 41:06
[14:43:12] <@Kurisutaru-chan> [Dark Palace] Jadin's Current Time: 41:06 (+156 secs from current best) -=-=- Krystal's Best: 39:18 -=-=- WAK's SDA Time: 37:42 -=-=- mcr's 13515 Time: 38:10
[14:43:35] <~Jadin> at least i beat
[14:43:43] <~Jadin> your light worlllddd
[14:44:00] <~Jadin> helmafaggot
[14:44:06] <~Jadin> all fire
[14:49:11] <~Jadin> gonna rape blind
[14:57:06] <~Jadin> fuck that was the dumbest shit
[14:57:36] <~Jadin> fucking dumbest game in the history of games
[14:57:38] <~Jadin> turned it off
[14:58:24] * ~Jadin (J@dev-D2A14C22.hsd1.co.comcast.net) Quit (Jadin)

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post Feb 26 2012, 11:42 PM
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I am the end of the world

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From: Lubbock, Texas

DJ Battle This User

lol blame

All numbers not including EMP+PB
[L7] Left to AAA: 3 (Step Into the New World, Fun, Gambol)
[7k] left to A: 1 (Pluto)
11*s left to clear: 9 (waxing and wanding, tripping contact (remix), The Dirty of Loudness, four pieces of heaven, Blocks, Bleeding Luv, Be OK [b])
12*s Cleared: 5
Ds left in IIDX: 4 (Mendes[b], Icarus[b], four pieces of heaven[b], Mei[a])
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post Feb 27 2012, 12:12 AM
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From: completely darkness

DJ Battle This User

I like the 2 poors, you know, just to keep it credible
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ErAseRmoTor maXi...
post Feb 27 2012, 01:27 AM
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The Shadow

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(scroll down to 5341 - 5350)

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post Feb 27 2012, 05:14 AM
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Welcome To My Contry

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DJ Battle This User

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Pop'n Battle This User

I just deleted the score because emailing people is :effort: and yeah I'm pretty sure that's not legit

Let me know if he does it again
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