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> favorite artists 2016
post Aug 10 2016, 08:53 PM
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Rising in the Sun

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bemani games have a megaton of artists making music for them now and with a lot of them being relative newcomers it's time to find out who the peoples' favorites are (all six people who still visit this board that is)

here's my top 5. I dunno how I'd order them since I like them all for different reasons, so I did a review instead:

+ god-tier composition and arrangement, has the magical wac touch
+ Seriously his only bad songs are the ones he made with other people
+ He's got that whole reclusive enlightened musical savant aura going on

- Keeps collaborating with LED for some godforsaken reason
- Not actually a Leo, kinda fake dude :/
- Starting to feel like he lost interest but maybe he's just busy with the new piano game

+ Can make any genre good
+ Genetic experiment created in a lab using the DNA of ZUN and every Kirby composer
+ Caused Yoshitaka to realize he had no reason to write music anymore

- Actually, he can't make denpa good
- All his songs sound the same

Nekomata Master
+ Can compose several excellent songs in a short timespan
+ All the samples and instruments he uses are just really satisfying to my ears
+ He almost single-handedly salvaged Godspeed

- A lot of his best songs aren't in IIDX
- probably got a concussion filming the video for INSOMNIA and now he doesn't remember Tribe exists
- DARK LEGACY-Long version-

+ Made Dynamite
+ Gives less of a fuck than everybody else except Hommarju
+ Reposts crossdressing Shimakaze smut on twitter, which is hilarious

- Some of his songs are just the same kick on loop for 5 consecutive minutes
- He reposts crossdressing Shimakaze smut on twitter

kors k
+ Long-runner with consistent high quality output
+ Diverse; can take a swing at most EDM genres with positive results
+ Was around 17 when he submitted Clione and look at him now. He is a modern success story

- Songs take time to warm up to even though they're usually good
- Don't let him include vocals
- No more teranoid?

Cametek is also really good. I used to like Remo-con a lot but he's been boring lately. Noriken owns but most of his BEMANI songs are a little boring. lapix will probably be in my top 5 if he becomes a full-on regular. lots of other artists like Tomosuke are great but just haven't been doing much lately :(

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One Niceass Indi...
post Sep 12 2016, 08:16 PM
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they keep referring to me as that

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negative x a negative lol how apt

djt technorch bgm 4 life (kors k and LED's were also on point god djt cs was such a great game, if only mei, nageki and bad maniacs were on it. and voltage, and summer vacation, and route80s, and virtual mind, and still in my hea-*blam*)

It never ends.

You call it a miracle.

Others opt to refer to it by its ORIGINAL NAME
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