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Posted by: dog$ Oct 12 2011, 12:47 AM


I haven't been here in some time because I've gone off the deep end and haven't booted up my PS2 IIDXs in probably at least a year, as I have played LR2 the entire time since then.

Recently, I accidentally discovered how to activate Extra Mode in the game and lo-and-behold it gives old songs new life and fundamentally gives Another charts to songs which never had them - which is particularly nice for Double players.

Unfortunately, the only record saved from playing songs in Extra Mode is the clear status. The score is totally lost.

I initially considered keeping a text file to keep my own records but I found myself wishing that there was a tracker like S3 here to do the job much more elegantly. A cursory web search reveals no score tracker which is made for Extra Mode.

What I propose would be for Extra Mode to basically be a totally segregated pool of charts which would have no bearing on statistics such as the DJ Point totals and the avatar graphic widget and so on. As the scores cannot be saved in the program (not to mention that timing settings can be changed by altering the BMS files), Extra Mode scores would have to be considered to be made on a totally voluntary basis and be exempt from any requisite of proof or basis to accuse someone of fabricating scores (barring obvious egregiousness). Seeing as how it's an unofficial chart modification found only in a sim program, I would like to think that nobody would want to post bullshit scores.

Yes, it's outside of the scope of the console games, but I figured that maybe now is as good of a time as any to give new motivation for people to play and post scores.

If this is entertained, I volunteer to supply note counts for the charts (at least the 14key charts).


Posted by: chotto kiitena Oct 12 2011, 01:24 AM

What is Extra Mode?

Posted by: Newcastle Legions Oct 12 2011, 03:16 AM

basically LR2 throws all BG notes into the regular chart making a new chart on the fly

on some songs (like all pre 4th style) is useless while on others is stupid (waxing, earth like planet)

Posted by: dog$ Oct 12 2011, 01:44 PM

Right, and on yet others it gives the song just the extra kick it needs to make it more interesting to play without it becoming too difficult.

Enjoy Your Life H14 and Oosanbashi H14 are two off the top of my head that are much improved with Extra Mode. I'm the most interested in finding charts like that, but I would also like to post scores on the retarded charts just to see where I would stand versus anyone else.

I'd love to see the reactions other players would have for songs like Cyber Force or basically any Ryu* song.

Posted by: dog$ Oct 18 2011, 12:42 AM

Well, anyway, the main reason why I asked is because the only other option I have is to keep a text file of my own personal records. I don't know of any Japanese tracker site for this.

Just to give an example of the kinds of charts I've encountered, here's some lines from my log file:
(can't seem to get the tabs to line up well, sorry)

            ex    pgr    gr    go    b    p    p/f    nc    onc    %+     date
19 november        1716    0623    0470    0063    0014    0096    F    1223    1045    017.03    2011-10-18T01:25:21:102Z
9 o'clocks        1366    0548    0270    0023    0001    0009    P    0846    0632    033.86    2011-10-17T01:21:09:974Z

be rock u            1498    0606    0286    0022    0007    0036    P    0942    0691    036.32    2011-10-18T02:10:05:566Z
blame            1938    0725    0488    0154    0049    0194    F    1520    1105    037.55    2011-10-18T02:01:39:366Z

breeding            1579    0643    0293    0044    0015    0041    P    1012    0732    038.25    2011-10-18T02:15:04:605Z
come with me        1430    0561    0308    0031    0007    0040    P    0930    0686    035.56    2011-10-18T01:04:44:336Z

conga            1581    0652    0277    0044    0007    0069    P    1023    0708    044.49    2011-10-18T00:52:41:655Z
cyber force        2227    0719    0789    0445    0328    0981    F    2817    1081    160.59    20111013

free style            1431    0567    0297    0066    0016    0096    F    1000    0579    072.71    2011-10-16T01:54:02:026Z
injection of love        1408    0596    0270    0023    0001    0047    F    0884    0553    059.85    2011-10-17T02:00:37:795Z

skyscraper        1429    0555    0319    0045    0014    0101    F    0989    0628    057.48    2011-10-17T00:26:27:795Z
treasure x star        2291    0879    0533    0139    0116    0395    F    1840    1021    080.21    2011-10-15T02:42:58:391Z

y31            1993    0784    0425    0087    0063    0230    F    1483    1075    037.95    2011-10-18T01:37:36:606Z
大桟橋 (regulspeed)        1362    0571    0220    0024    0004    0030    P    0833    0574    045.12    2011-10-17T01:53:20:743Z

(the important column to see is the second to last, which shows the increase of notes in the chart as a percentage of the old chart's notecount)

Finding "new charts" and being humbled by songs beyond the usual 12*s is a very wonderful sensation to have after playing for so long. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be the only person who would have that kind of reaction.

If it were feasible I'd otherwise be interested in making a mirror of the database functionality to put up my own tracker for this - but I doubt that would go over well, both in terms of being allowed to use this tracker's logic and how relatively few people would use it.

Posted by: Marlie Tang Oct 18 2011, 05:59 PM

can we have score entry for bad touhou songs too

Posted by: chotto kiitena Oct 18 2011, 06:56 PM

brb adding freedom dive and gengaozo foon

Do you always get the same chart every time on extra mode?

Posted by: Lovely Hands Oct 18 2011, 10:32 PM


Posted by: dog$ Oct 18 2011, 10:46 PM

QUOTE (Marlie Tang @ Oct 18 2011, 05:59 PM) *
can we have score entry for bad touhou songs too

lol. If I ever have to play total horseshit like bitterblossom or ほおづきみたいに紅い魂 ever again for the rest of my life, it'll be too soon.
QUOTE (chotto kiitena @ Oct 18 2011, 06:56 PM) *
Do you always get the same chart every time on extra mode?

I'm pretty sure you do, yes. I've replayed a few songs and have had consistent note count totals.

There is an extended option set accessible by holding F2 down, and among the options there is something about setting the "level" of Extra Mode charts based on the original chart's count (or so I think). These options do not save and are set to default each time the game starts up - because of this, I keep all my records with whatever results from those default settings.

Perhaps what could be done would be to put up a test pool of like 10 songs or something to see if it is feasible and gets good response.

Posted by: sync Oct 19 2011, 03:25 AM

How do you activate Extra Mode? I didn't see anything about switching it on in the F2 menu.

And does it change normal/hyper charts at all?

Posted by: dog$ Oct 19 2011, 02:26 PM

Hold down Key 2 on the controller while you're in the options menu for setting Hi Speed and Random and the like. When it activates, the background image for the song selection screen with turn photo negative.

Extra Mode does affect Hypers (which is part of the appeal for DP in particular), but I haven't tried it with Normal charts to see if the effect is similar or reduced in comparison. My best guess would be that it would create the same chart. I'll try it tonight.

All right, results are in, and the answer is that Extra Mode does change Normal charts in a unique fashion compared to a Hyper or an Another.


                      ex      pgr     gr      go      b       p      p/f     nc     onc       %+             date
alfashear H14         1698    0693    0312    0038    0011    0041    P    1074    1043    002.97    2011-10-20T00:18:05:075Z
alfashear N14         1226    0509    0208    0008    0000    0010    P    0733    0548    033.75    2011-10-20T00:21:03:380Z
apocalypse A14        1777    0690    0397    0118    0050    0063    P    1294    1270    001.88    2011-10-20T00:24:21:523Z
apocalypse N14        1134    0450    0234    0029    0017    0045    F    0764    0480    059.16    2011-10-20T00:27:25:916Z

What was particularly striking was that apocalypse N14 threw in a lot of nasty S7 or S17 chords whereas the A14 was barely modified.

And every time I replayed a song, I did observe that the note count totals were still consistent.

Posted by: sync Oct 20 2011, 05:31 PM

Interesting. Thanks for the information.

This should provide significantly more playability beyond just the vanilla charts themselves. Looking forward to trying it out.

Posted by: Lovely Hands Nov 11 2011, 07:37 AM

So, would this be an example of an Extra Mode chart?

Cause I sure as fuck would like to know whats going on with these keysounds haha

Posted by: dog$ Nov 13 2011, 08:11 PM

Hah! I guess that would be an example of how dense a chart can possibly get, but technically no that's not the same thing. EX charts will sound no different than whatever chart it is modifying.

Highest note count I've come across so far is Exusia A14. 4507 notes. Biggest increase is Come On H14. 904 to 2640.


Well, rather than make a new post I'll just edit this.

I have now played through most of the songs in the IIDX library in Extra Mode, and the initial results are in. It seemed evident that playing songs from styles before 4th usually wasn't necessary, so there's some songs that I didn't play from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Substream. For any given song I played the highest level type of chart available, unless specifically noted in the song title.

Total songs played: 919.

Clear Status - 15 FC or PC. 344 Passed. 560 Failed.

98 charts were unaltered by Extra Mode. By note count, the Top 10 unaltered charts were: Quantum Teleportation, Hype The Core, Inori, Jelly Kiss Midihead, King of Groove, Ghost Revival, Kakumei, Xenon, Still in my Heart, Nebula Grasper.

32 charts had a note increase of at least 100%.

Top 10 charts by highest new note count: Exusia, 4507; Kung Fu Empire B14, 4028; Waxing and Wanding, 3747; Spark Essential Remix, 3596; Raison D'Etre, 3484; Secrets B14, 3098; Mei, 2974; 3y3s, 2956; Cosmos, 2917; The Black Knight, 2874.

Top 10 charts by largest increase over original note count: Come On, 192.03%; Cosmos, 188.24%; Spark Essential Remix, 174.71%; Waxing and Wanding, 167.83%; Cyber Force, 160.59%; City Angel, 153.78%; Earth Like Planet, 145.38%; One of a Kind, 139.56%; Blust of Wind, 132.73%; echoes, 130.39%.

edit: 20120210
And in other news, after more time with playing through the entire roster, I have encountered a few instances where note counts for a song are in fact dissimilar by a single note. It's happened more than a few times beyond the point where I would consider it error on my part in writing the correct note count down.

So in the end I guess it's just as well that this didn't happen. I still consider it a shame regardless because I definitely enjoy the new challenge and I do believe it is helping me continue to improve in skill.

Posted by: TJB Aug 4 2012, 01:33 PM

I've been using this mode on some of the lincle/ra songs, the results are pretty funny, liquid crystal girl turned into an 1800 note chordfest

interesting nonetheless and definitely motivation to keep me playing non-bms stuff

Posted by: Jadin Aug 4 2012, 11:33 PM

whoa never saw this topic
I'd definitely try to support it if I could ever fix my computer

Posted by: #Based death song template Aug 5 2012, 03:30 PM

QUOTE (dog$ @ Nov 13 2011, 06:11 PM) *
Top 10 charts by largest increase over original note count: Come On, 192.03%; Cosmos, 188.24%; Spark Essential Remix, 174.71%; Waxing and Wanding, 167.83%; Cyber Force, 160.59%; City Angel, 153.78%; Earth Like Planet, 145.38%; One of a Kind, 139.56%; Blust of Wind, 132.73%; echoes, 130.39%.

I'm surprised Playball from GOLD CS isn't in this list...

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