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> Afro-ken Mafia :: Game Over, It's my best friend ♥
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post Apr 25 2013, 07:26 PM
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Watch Afro-ken!!

Seriously go watch it! Otherwise you will be MODKILL

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5kmT_jBTU4
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYzHoJp0Wjs
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khatM1NO-ms

There is a dog with a big afro
That follows me around wherever I go
My daddy says it don't exist
But I have seen it in the sky
And even in my rice bowl dish
The other day I was at the park
When all of a sudden the sky grew dark
I looked above the convenience store
I saw it lumber round the corner
Bigger than a dinosaur

Whenever, wherever, no matter where you go...
Even when you're eating tonkatsu... (Xythar's TL Note: The keikaku is to eat tonkatsu (fried pork cutlets sliced and drizzled with a special sauce))
From the place of fluffy things, yo!
Is that where you were born?
Fantastikku na~~~~~waaaaan~chan~ (Fantastic dogs)

It's the Afro-ken!!!
It's back again!!
It's the Afro-ken!!!
Aitsu chotto hen... (He's very weird)

It's the Afro-ken ♫
It's back again ♫
It's the Afro-ken ♫
It's my best friend ♥ ♥ ♥

It's the Afro-ken~
It's back again~
It's the Afro-ken~
Zen zen shaberahen... (He doesn't talk at all)

It's the Afro-ken
It's back again
It's the Afro-ken
It's my best friend.

:: Starter Guide ::
This isn't even anyone's first game, is it? Whatever though, I'm just going to copypaste this from my last game mostly. Some notable changes from my last game are the lack of deadline lynches, one-shot abilities now being depleted if blocked, and how daykills work (only stops hammer for 24 hours). Days are also back to their usual longness because this game has a small amount of players (and random weekend deadlines suck anyway).

This is forum Mafia, so it's a big step up in seriousness from those stupid 5 minute epicmafia games. Trolling by means of fakeclaiming or otherwise fucking around (frivolous claiming or generally disruptive play) is discouraged and will cause your team to lose probably, or at least get you killed fast.

Despite being a "big step up", this isn't meant to be the absolute height of seriousness, as that doesn't seem fun to play anyway. Remember that this is still an Internet Party Game, and that I have probably made a bunch of silly roles to remind you guys of that (although I still tried to balance it as usual).

Activity is the biggest part of the game, as the scum basically get a free win if people lurk and don't do anything in these games. Try to chime in at least every 24 hours if you can. The town's only true weapons are numbers (which is why vanilla town is a powerful role), activity (which builds post histories, leading to cases against people), and the lynch.

I recommend glancing over SA's standard rules before you fuck yourself and get modkilled somehow (or look below I guess, as I just reiterate everything): http://mafiawiki.notesmash.org/wiki/Standard_mafia_rules

The big "don'ts" in a nutshell (don't blame me if you get modkilled due to not reading this, blame yourself or God):
  • No lurking! I will pester inactives and perhaps replace or modkill you.
  • No editing your posts (I can see edits, so don't try it).
  • No talking about this game outside of the thread in any manner (with players or non-players), unless your role PM explicitly says you can with certain people (e.g. the scum get to conspire in secret).
  • No pasting your role PM (you may paraphrase though) or anything else I tell you on AIM/IRC/whatever. Note that cheating is not even possible if you wanted to try, because I send town PMs to every player. That means even if you gave someone your password, it would confirm nothing, as I will tell the scum in secret if they are scum or not.
  • No posting if you're not in the game, unless it's a completely neutral post and properly marked that you're not playing as to not confuse the players (I'll delete it if it's stupid).
  • No posting after hammers or daykills (count the votes if in doubt).
  • No posting any game-related information after dying (or otherwise revealing anything about your role or whatever), even to other dead players (they, and you, could still interact with the game potentially), regardless of whether it's public or private communication.
  • No attempts to subvert honorable play by means of encryption, Toxx clauses, Truth or Dare, etc.
  • No fake day actions, e.g. ##kill without actually having a daykill.
Feel free to ask questions if you're confused, perhaps in the thread (which seems better since more people could answer).
:: Frankers ::
1) apple cider vinegar (Audity) :: Lee_roy Jen-ken
2) BigC :: Super Dachshund Type Ken
3) BLUST OF WIND (Eijiken) :: Psy-ken
4) BossCrab :: Mystery-ken 3
5) CarlSagan :: Mystery-ken 2
6) cyghfer :: Charisma-ken
7) grayfox9996 :: Space-ken
8) Murderbydeath :: Stupid Goddamn Subhuman American Pleb-Ass Mutherfuckin' Bitch
9) Pidgey :: Afro-ken
10) Shane I :: Mystery-ken 1
11) spimmmm spineshark :: Super Regent-ken
12) sync :: Chameleon-ken
13) Twan :: Officer-ken
14) vaderseven goom/Wiefom Shane II :: Tonosama-ken

:: Bar-ken at the Moon ::
1) BLUST OF WIND (Eijiken)
2) CarlSagan
3) cyghfer
4) grayfox9996
5) Murderbydeath
6) Pidgey
7) sync
8) vaderseven goom/Wiefom Shane II

:: All Afro-kens Go to Heaven ::
1) Catastrophe
2) Shane I
3) apple cider vinegar (Audity)
4) BigC
5) spimmmm spineshark
6) Twan
7) BossCrab
:: History ::
Day 1
:: Longer Rule Stuff ::
Welcome! This is a game of Mafia. Please post stuff. If you somehow forgot how to play (and therefore need help), or simply want to read a bunch of mumbo jumbo, check this out: http://mafiawiki.notesmash.org/

:: Contact ::
AIM: Milkslake
IRC: Kryssstal (irc.speedrunslive.com)

Only use email if you really have no other way of contact. Forum PMs are a much safer bet since they pop up when I check thread.

:: Rules ::
You would be wise to read this section carefully if you don't want to get modkilled or replaced. Don't assume you should merely skim this OP just because you've played other games - there are many subtle rule differences and helpful aspects of the setup made public knowledge.
  • No lurking. If you try to lurk as a strategy, you are not only a very boring person, but you will be made an example of and likely hurt your team a great degree when I ridicule and modkill you. At least 5 content posts each game day are recommended (though I'll be reasonable about this in the event of an early hammer). Try not to go more than 48 hours without posting unless you've informed the thread prior. Depending on the state of the game (and the availability of replacements), I will choose to either replace or modkill lurkers, so just chime in at least once every 24 hours to easily avoid prods. I'll be less harsh on this than past games because I'm growing apathetic, but if the thread is complaining about lurkers I'll try to do something about it. Note that a particular player's role has no bearing on whether or not I choose to replace or modkill them.
  • Unlike TWG, you are strictly prohibited from talking about the game outside of this thread (even with dead players OR people who aren't playing - yes, there is a reason you shouldn't even talk to people outside of the game (could be a potential replacement or a secret player who could benefit from information), and I shouldn't have to explain that giving dead players information while you're still alive is cheating) unless you have been specifically told that you may. Please respect this rule.
  • Do NOT talk about the game with ANYONE after you die, even with other dead players OR people who aren't playing (again, there is an important reason for this as there may be roles that can legally interact with the game after death and/or even come back to life via some means). If you are hammered or otherwise killed (even during the day), stop talking about the game immediately (even outside of the thread if you were allowed to talk to certain players) and suck it up - no revealing any further information. Nothing wrong with harmless farewell posts and such, but be sure to prefix any posthumous posts with this cute thing:
  • Don't post after the hammer, period. Obviously anyone able to talk with players outside of the thread may do so at any time, even when the thread is closed. Once a hammer drops though, consider the thread closed effective immediately. It doesn't matter if you want to post some dumb picture or squeeze in what you may consider to be a harmless remark, since the point is that the day instantly ended and the current game state consists of everyone's last words until the next day starts (thus, there probably won't be any twilight either, as it's more exciting to not know if you'll live to post your reactions on the next day). Don't be ignorant or hasty when the game is very close to a hammer. Be sure to count votes yourself and preview the thread before you post. For the courtesy of other players (so that they know to shut up), in addition to sheer cuteness, post this next to your ##vote when you hammer someone:
  • You may not paste or outright quote anything I tell you in private (unless you're scum pasting to your own team, or otherwise have a 100% mod-confirmed alliance, such as alignment-confirmed masons), either in whole or part (you may, however, publicly post chatlogs with another player if you're legally able to discuss the game with them). Don't even fake something that looks as if it's a conversation with me. Obviously you may claim your role and any information you may receive through it by paraphrasing, but you can't quote any of my PMs/IMs to "prove" so. Any non-town players have literally been provided with separate town PMs as well, so you wouldn't be able to cheat even if you wanted to (scum could even let you use their account and you wouldn't see their real role PM). Also note that any given PM aside from the role PMs themselves will be titled "Afro-ken Mafia :: Day/Night #" for sorting purposes.
  • Don't edit/delete your posts, as this is cheating. If you need to fix something, quote yourself and do it in a new post. Keep in mind that I am able to see if you edit/delete a post and am prepared to modkill if deemed a big enough offense. Try not to add things via ninja edits either, even if it's harmless, as it doesn't hurt anything to make a quick double post. I don't care even if you post 10 times in a row.
  • No T/D (truth or dare) or similar tactics, encryption shenanigans, Toxxing anything regarding yourself or your own play (though you are welcome to Toxx, for example, "I am so sure that this dork is scum that if they flip town, I will play Lagoon to completion on stream"), or any other attempts to subvert honorable play by ensuring truthfulness.
  • If your role allows you to do something public during the day, post the command as if it's a ##vote. Posting a day command you cannot actually perform (e.g. ##kill) will almost certainly result in a modkill. Anything like that should be assumed to be a real action, so treat it accordingly until I assess the situation. Daykills are functionally like a hammer where people are supposed to stop talking until the cardflip.
  • As long as you are under a post restriction, you are prohibited from claiming it in public or private (which means scum aren't even supposed to tell their scumbuddies - likewise with any other alliances, mod-confirmed or not). It's simply more fun this way. Keep in mind any and all post restrictions are meant to make your posts more entertaining, not prohibit you from playing or communicating what you need to say (probably, anyway).
  • Neutral spectator posts are fine in moderation, but obviously don't post anything gameplay-related if you're not playing. It would also be considerate to mark your post in some way that you're not playing. It might be deleted otherwise.
  • Try not to go overboard with personal insults, as this seems to turn off various players. Don't worry about it too much though, as it'd be weird to actually hold someone's behavior in a Mafia game against them, much like being mad at someone for bluffing in poker.
  • If you'd like to read more about Mafia rules in general, pretty much everything from this list applies to this game.
  • In general, if you pretend to break the rules in such a way that is indistinguishable to the other players, I will treat that as having actually broken the rule. To spell it out further, don't assume any actions I may take would confirm the validity one way or another of something like a pasted role PM.
:: Cardflips & Flavor ::
Role and alignment will be revealed upon death. No cardflip will contain an explicitly false alignment for the deceased, assuming an alignment is indeed listed. Keep in mind there may be players with certain abilities (or aspects thereof) kept hidden in their cardflip.

Cardflips will be posted 30 minutes after deadline. Also note that hammers function much like normal deadlines. In the event of a hammer at 6 PM, for example, the cardflip would not be posted until 12:29 AM Eastern (as if the deadline were set for 11:59 PM on that day). A hammer dropped after 11:59 PM would cause the cardflip to be posted at 12:29 PM, effectively delaying it by up to 12 hours.

I do not explicitly lie to players in their role PMs (such as telling someone they're a cop when their ability actually turns their target into scum). In rare cases, there may be an aspect of your role that is intentionally kept from you, but I would never lie about your alignment (nor is it possible for your alignment or victory condition to change at any point in the game).

It would be unwise to assume a particular character or ability has any relevance whatsoever to alignment. Don't make any assumptions about a player based on some warped metagaming either, as every player has received a randomized alignment.

As a rule of thumb, flavor is auxiliary and very minimal. You should typically expect to receive no flavor or PMs in general if you weren't expecting something in the first place. Death flavor will be unique and based only on the particular player and/or character, not the means of death. In the event of multiple successful nightkills, the cardflip order will be alphabetized. Also note that nightkills may be performed in addition to any other abilities the player may have, regardless of alignment.

Only investigative roles (e.g. cops) will be told if their action fails. If it does, they won't be told why, but will instead receive this pithy poem written by Tao Jones:
QUOTE (Failure Limerick)
There once was a Mafia game
Where people's actions all failed the same
They got this verse
And let out a curse
That nothing of their night action became!

You will NOT be able to repeat a one-shot or otherwise limited use action if it fails.

Special game events will be labeled as such so that no one incorrectly assumes I'm just screwing around. Flavor in such events may actually reveal a player's character and/or abilities, unlike random non-cardflip flavor at the beginning of a day or night which is meant to take creative liberties for entertainment purposes.

:: Victory Conditions ::
Town: You are an Afro-ken, a dog with a rainbow-colored afro. You are innocent and blameless and always in a good mood. You are always willing to try new things, such as reversing your hair conversion ability to help the Rain-kens. Your goal is to seek out the Rain-kens and teach them to be happy, then convert their blue, rainy hair into a rainbow-colored afro (even if you lose your life in the process).
Scum: You are a Rain-ken, a dog who accepts sadness. Your goal is to usher in gloom and despair to a world of Afro-kens who are always happy and in a good mood. Win this ruthless dog fight by achieving unassailable dominance (even if you lose your life in the process).

Secret factions (anti-town or otherwise) may or may not exist. Rest assured, however, that I hate "dumb" third party roles (so no players can win on Day 1). Furthermore, this is not a dumb team gimmick game, so take solace in the fact that anti-town players exist and at least half the players are town-aligned.

:: Sample Role PM ::
QUOTE (Vanilla Example)
You are an Afro-ken, a dog who is attracted to objects that look like you do. Your hair changes to look like those things as you get close to them. In the future, when it comes time for you to walk along the yellow dotted path to an object (a toothbrush? Bonsai!? cotton candy!?!? it'll be a surprise!), you will gain new powers! Hopefully your fellow dogs send you along a path that you would enjoy, as you cannot pick yourself!

VanillerZ: You have naught but the power to post and vote in the thread.

You are an Afro-ken, a dog with a rainbow-colored afro. You are innocent and blameless and always in a good mood. You are always willing to try new things, such as reversing your hair conversion ability to help the Rain-kens. Your goal is to seek out the Rain-kens and teach them to be happy, then convert their blue, rainy hair into a rainbow-colored afro (even if you lose your life in the process).

(I like how FrankerZ literally looks like a vanilla Afro-ken due to no giant, rainbow-colored afro)

:: Voting & Lynching ::
I will be counting any vote that looks like it's an intended vote (assuming it's not within a quote box - always skip over those if you're making your own vote count), even if it's not bolded or prefixed with ##. Still, please format your votes as such: ##vote Twan and Pidgey at the same time

Names the player is known by count as well, so ##vote Krystal or ##vote Schala would be legitimate despite my forum name being "Marlie Tang" or whatever. Also note that I don't care at all if you don't unvote before placing a new vote. Obviously you are able to ##unvote at any point if you wish, but it's not mandatory if you're just switching.

##vote No Lynch is acceptable, but as lynches are the town's main weapon (in addition to activity and post histories), it's only advised in very specific situations. Voting for yourself is not acceptable, and therefore never counts.

Ain't no dang darned deadline lynch anymore. Day will end with no lynch if there's no majority vote. Ties will be broken with sudden death still. Any votes not placed on the vote leaders will be wiped, allowing for a potentially larger pool of players to hammer. If no one hammers within 30 minutes, there will be no lynch. Note that sudden death would push the cardflip up to 12:59 AM Eastern.

No players may be hammered within the first ~24 hours of a new game day (even if every player in the game agrees unanimously). If a majority has been reached sooner than that, the hammer will drop automatically at the 24 hour mark (provided there is still a majority vote - yes, a player could be "hammered" and then safely unvoted within the first ~24 hours of a new game day). This way days can't be rushed under any circumstances, giving everyone a fair chance to post if they're not lurking.

Any daykills performed during the second half of a game day will extend the deadline by ~24 hours and prevent any hammers from occurring on that particular game day for the next ~24 hours only.

Also note that there are no roles which can silently manipulate votes in any fashion, so anyone is welcome to post their own vote counts if they have functioning eyes.

:: Deadlines ::
Days will start with a minimum deadline of ~144 hours and may be extended at my discretion (it's mostly up to whether or not the players are requesting an extension for a good reason). Excluding nights, deadlines will always be set for 11:59 PM Eastern.

Nights will have a deadline of ~24 hours after the cardflip. Note that I accept night actions in advance (or conditional actions if you wish). You are free to change them at any time until the night is over. If I haven't heard anything from you when the night's deadline hits, you will take no action.

More on the whole CSER thing in the Day 1 post. Also for purposes of full disclosure, there was no Night 0. Good luck.

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