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> IIDX player interview #6 Jadin AKA THE DJ HOOD
post Dec 5 2010, 01:15 PM
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The Shadow

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Jadin AKA THE DJ HOOD is a man who needs no introduction. He is simply THE DJ HOOD.

I'm going to go on hiatus with these interviews for a week or 2 to get myself together for finals. I'll be back with more interviews eventually. Expect some new exciting things to come!

Velius: so how did you get started playing iidx?

Jadin: I started playing ddr in like 2000 or 2001, whenever the first US playstation game came out. then I downloaded stepmania and played that for a little bit. my friend Ken (Nytelyte) said if I liked that then I should try iidx
I didn't at first because he was all like "man there's this hard song called the safari, and I can't pass it" and I was like "there's a song called the SAFARI and you can't pass it??? that game sounds impossible I'm not playing"

Velius: lmao

Jadin: he finally got me to try it on 8th style AC at the Dance Beat Arcade north of Nashville. I played like deadline L7 and somethin else. prolly New York
it was jamming so I downloaded some simfiles so I could play

Velius: damn man. Deadline on 8th thats a jammin way to start IIDX.

Jadin: yeah haha

Velius: but dance beat...isnt that like the predescessor to TGA?

Jadin: yeah there's tons of oldschool drama that happened there, it was great
so this was like Jan 2004 by the time I got iidx simfiles

Jadin: I was still into DDR then a couple months later a DDR friend sold me jps2/6th style. I played ddr less and iidx more and got fat

Velius: there was a time you weren't fat?

Jadin: lool yeah well I used to be good at DDR for colorado standards, anyway
so I'd play max2 at the arcade all the time trying to beat friend's oni course scores. I won a few tournaments before people like spork and marq got really good then. after that it's all iidx

Velius: so for those of us who aren't og enough, could you talk abit about dance beat and what the arcade was and any other interesting stories about the place

Jadin: oh boy

Velius: yeah oh boy

Jadin: well to be fair I'm not the best person to talk about it, because I wasn't that big into the DDR crowd until I moved to CO but I have plenty of observations.

basically the owner was really immature and bickered like a kid with his employees and customers. his name was James I think

there's probably some classic drama threads on ddrfreak. I remember he would get on ddrfreak forums and complain about his employees and employee was like "well at least I'm not a shitty manager" and he was like "well at least I didn't cheat on my boyfriend in iraq" and she was like "he wasn't my boyfriend then" etc. etc. etc.

Jadin: haha oh boy this sounds like gold

Jadin: yeahhh memory is hazy at the moment but I'm sure I could find a couple good links on ddrfreak archive later today

Editor’s Note: http://www.ddrfreak.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.p...sc&start=20

Here’s the thread to the story Jadin talks about.

Velius: yeah man thatd be great

Jadin: BASICALLY the arcade was like 30 minutes north of Nashville a niche arcade game collection in a slightly inaccessible place

Velius: that sounds like tga lol

Jadin: hahaha yeah

Velius: even though im probably being a dick for comparing dance beat to tga

Jadin: oh yeah huh, be careful

Velius: lol

Jadin: tga had lots of support

I remember coming back to nashville and seeing one of my high school friends and we talked a bit and she mentioned she had a retarded cousin who inherited money and formed an arcade and I was like "....James?"

Velius: LMAO

Jadin: and she's like "omg you know my cousin!?" good times

Velius: this is fuckin gold

Jadin: yeah nashville was dumb. lots of nice people there though

Jadin: just the arcade owners there there was another arcade in south Nashville

Velius: game galaxy>?

Jadin: nah I think it was a tilt or cyberstation in the mall

Velius: oh

Jadin: but manager hated ddr kids

if you ever saw the DDR machine picture with "TIM IS.A FUKN ANUS RAPR" set as the high scores for an oni course, that was Ken's scores on the machine, because manager was a dick.

Velius: ah man i remember almost getting banned from an arcade for putting in inapropriate names for a high score

Jadin: keep in mind I was more of a bystander at the time so if any ORIGINAL KIDS see this and I get something wrong then my bad

I didn't really become part of any kind of scene until CO but CO drama is boring compared to oldschool TN stuff so

Velius: so could you describe your IIDX play style

Jadin: ring, middle,left index, right index, thumb, middle, ring

sometimes I'll use thumb on 1 for scratch heavy songs but I need practice

Velius: man i remember csta posted that playstyle up and i immediately was like well hes a top player i should just copy it entirely so i started with that when i started playing iidx

Jadin: it's not too uncommon, yeah

I'd be better with more left thumb but that would take forever I think

Velius: if theres one thing you'd like to change about that playstyle, what would it be?

Jadin: hmm probably being able to switch from ring to thumb on 1 all the time depending on whether 1-2 rolls or 1-3 rolls are more prevalent

Velius: you mean like being able to switch to 1048 style on the fly?

Jadin: yeah Spontaneous 1048

Velius: yeah that's pretty great I do it on scratch songs but not real stuff

Velius: i remember in class when id be bored, i'd just lay my left hand in 1048 style and just roll my fingers that helped a lot.

Jadin: haha I stopped doing that for a year but I've been doing that again recently training fingers when not playing

Velius: ah haha so you've been playing again recently, what inspired you to start playing again?

Jadin: umm I just kind of missed the game. also, I'd been playing link to the past but then my crt broke so I couldn't play wii games or iidx bought a new tv on craigslist like 3 weeks ago and started playing

Velius: but the reason you took a break wasnt because of konami not making another cs game or competition dwindling right

Jadin: hmmm those might have been a part of it there's always plenty of competition

Velius: do you mean from the japanese or just SSS?

Jadin: a little of both

tons of japanese competition of course but they don't post funny pictures on english iidx forums so it's harder for me to care

Velius: lmao

Jadin: but when I started out there were lots of people with all their scores slightly above mine

Db!, Smbu, Audity

Velius: haha DB! callin HOVA out

Jadin: yeah I met DB! and sars when we took a road trip maybe it was 2005? the day before 9th style came out

I was like 20 or 21 so I probably embarassed myself

Velius: dont think its possible to embarass yourself as much as sars did on the forums recently

Jadin: I doubt he's embarassed

Velius: haha yeah

Jadin: I just remember clearing PDG[a] for the first time over there and I jumped out of excitement and almost hit DB's ceiling fan

Velius: hahahaha YEAUUUH

Jadin: yayyuhh I was in vegas but didn't meet vgta

Velius: oh shoot

do you have any thoughts on the whole vgta fake scores incident btw?

Jadin: sure

I'm not as emotional about it as most of these guys but I used to talk to vgta a few times on the phone like maybe 2007? and then before all the fake drama I texted him a couple times and called him asking if his scores were legit and he never responded
maybe 2008ish

Velius: ah i see

Jadin: I never had doubts about his scores until a couple of people brought it up and then sars is all like "well he'll never post scores because the line of respect and integrity has been breached by the majority of the community and not once was there a moment when a valuable member of the community would stand up for him and" all his pseudo-intellectual drivel so I just ignore their crap now

well I guess it's like two possibilities

either 1: scores are legit, but he got butthurt that some random kids on the internet didn't believe his scores, which is retarded, or 2: scores are fake which is retarded

Velius: either way its retarded

Jadin: yesss

Velius: alot of players who reach the upper levels of iidx feel that playing hypers and light7s is useless and doesnt help you improve as a player

do you feel this is true or do hypers and light7s have their place?

Jadin: umm it depends on a couple things. basically whatever you play, you'll get good at

ryry played mostly 8s-10s and got beast at them.npeople like dj DAN and Y13 who posted his emotion[a] AAA on vjarmy seem to just play easier stuff, but they rock it and people like krelian/batfly rock harder stuff but maybe are weak in timing I just mean relatively, for the difficult songs they can combo, not trying to be offensive to anyone.

recently I feel like I played too many timing songs and need to work on finger strength a lot more there are still lots of people with better timing but finger strength has so much more room for improvement

everything has its place because if you can't clear 11s and 12s then sure playing hypers will help

I guess I just mean as far as improving like L7 and 7k stuff is great but if you already have timing then the best way to improve overall is to play harder stuff

so I felt like I could have improved faster by playing 12s and bms files instead of playing jammin songs like little little princess. it's ok I have no regrets cool.gif

Velius: hahaha alright man so one of the things i want to go over is timing.

like we kind of already covered the idea of improving at harder songs in the previous interviews but one of the things we really havent gone over is timing

what are some things that you would suggest to players who want to start 98ing songs?

Jadin: oh hmm there's lots of aspects of timing

one of the biggest things I've noticed lately is to focus on my own ability to keep a beat rather than rely on perfect sudden+ numbers and playing solely by sight so I'll turn the sound down and raise the sudden+ a little bit. on the other hand, a lot of people might benefit from using more sudden+ or towel

Velius: ah so this is kind of like playing a bit on mute mode so you can obvserve your key taps better?

Jadin: yeah but finger strength will also come into timing so I mean it's one thing to time light 7 songs but if fingers aren't strong then you can't time a drumroll idk it's kind of basic/common sense stuff

same as ddr

Velius: mhm everytime ive 98ed a song it was because i whored the shit out of it like i dont want to get into how many times i played tsubasa [a] to 98 it

Jadin: haha

Velius: and then you take 1st place on it and beat my score. jerk lol

Jadin: I kind of don't know what tsubasa is :x

Velius: its the song with the one symbol with that one bitch with the man chin who looks like an angel in the bg vid on empress
Jadin: lol

yeah I tried a ton of empress songs recently to get my timing back well honestly I just wanted to beat some chkn scores, but couldn't get all of them
he's crazy

Velius: ive always found empress timing to be odd compared to like DD

DD feels more natural to me idk

Jadin: what about HS

Velius: well thats the king of shit obv

Jadin: haha last time I played HS I discovered that I just needed way more sudden+ or speed mod to adjust for the timing and then it allll fell into place

Velius: ah yeah

Velius: i raise the sudden+ a bit by 15 points or something like for example on a distorted 160 bpm song, I'd use HS2 and sudden+ 393 or 396 but happy sky, I'd use HS2.5 with the same sudden+

Velius: woah lol thats some food for thought

Jadin: it was the first time I wasn't frustrated by happy sky timing since it came out haha but that was like a year ago

Velius: to me though happy sky timing feels easier than pre 9th styles might just be me being too use to the modern interface

Jadin: oh definitely transparent lane flares is probably the only difference timing wise

on pre 9th I get all tense worrying about reading the notes

Velius: yeah i feel the same way oh i almost forgot about this question

Prior to playing IIDX, did you have any music experience?

Jadin: yeah I played piano for almost 4 years in high school

Velius: do you think it gave you an extra edge in IIDX?

Jadin: nothing significant

Velius: ah

Jadin: I mean probably, but nothing that an extra month of actually playing the game wouldn't compensate for I guess I would say it can give you a head start but in the long run it's all up to who puts in the most practice

Velius: well theres players like CRH...sars... and i hate to say this but EXY who improved fast because of their previous piano experience but i see what you're getting at that kind of leads me to my next question…

do you feel there's a certain amount of talent required to be a good IIDX player? Or do you feel it comes down to hard work and determination

Jadin: hmmm I guess there's a minimum requirement

not to name any names, but people who play an hour a day for a few years and don't improve but there's also an aspect of caring or not caring

Velius: right

Jadin: like you can play all the time, and if you're not actually trying to hit flashing greats but just enjoying the song I guess you might not improve but it still seems like you should naturally improve anyway, so...

but basically 'hard work'/determination wins out, provided there are no uh outside factors

Velius: ah yeah im sure if everyone remembered how terrible i was back then, nobody would say i'd get any better lol

Jadin: haha

basically I think that if you try and you're not retarded, then you can AAA whatever you want. I guess some people struggling with stuff would take offense, but I don't mean it in a bad way. I tried to AAA blue mirage and children's sketchbook and didn't get it. doesn't mean I'm retardeddddd. just gotta try harder :>

Velius: what about... mei [a]

Jadin: what's a mei[a]

Velius: i dont know man

Jadin: haha well like two years ago I set a goal for myself to AAA mei. I was all like "I'm gonna get it no matter what!" then a year ago I gave up

Velius: why was that

Jadin: "ohh it's just a game, who cares if I get a AAA on some hard song" "gonna take too much time, I should focus on other stuff" but recently I kind of regret that thinking

Velius: why

Jadin: because if I really thought that way, then I'd never play any games but just do 'important' stuff all the time. I decided that I don't regret playing video games and I'll give it another shot and try to train with bmses and stuff

Velius: thats a good attitude, i like that

Jadin::> but I'm still kind of logical about it like... I think it's kind of doubtful that I'll get it but no harm in trying, as long I appreciate the fact that I'm trying and don't get frustrated

Velius: this should be really inspriring for those who still play IIDX and still care about the game

Jadin: hopefully

I still try to have fun with it in the long run playing BMSes recently, some of the songs are really good and timing on BMSes is kinda dumb so it's kind of like letting go of OCD/perfectionism crap where I only wanted to play the ps2 versions

Velius: haha what do you use

Jadin: LR2

Velius: oh i meant what adapter

Jadin: oh umm parallel of course

I have a good one from sows, when there was a guy who took his time to make a couple dozen homemade ones

Jadin: I have a good one from sows, when there was a guy who took his time to make a couple dozen homemade ones

Velius: oh yeah i remember

too bad he quit

now you just have to build your own if you want one or hope someone wants to sell a used one

Jadin: yeah

I remember someone else mentioning that electronic shops in japan would have like 5.25" drive bay slots with ps2 ports on the front of them that would connect to your motherboard and you could plug in ps2 controller like under your cd-rom or something I wish those were common :> would be cool

Velius: that sounds sweet

well theres an auto sync function in LR2 if you want to sync songs that way

Jadin: well the other thing is I'm trying to see if playing the offbeat songs will help me

Velius: oh yeah, gabe wanted me to ask you something you use to use a koc with sanwas modded in what happened to it

Jadin: oh! I sold it to pimpmachine. I hope it's still working ok

Velius: needed money?

Jadin: a little bit maybe

Velius: haha

Jadin: I just didn't use it that much

that was after empress came out.

a utah/idaho crew came to CO for ddr tournament and we hung out

Velius: i have no idea how id cut the shit out of the plastic

Jadin: oh yeah it was a huge pain to make. I used a cordless dremel for everything and had to keep charging it

cordless tools are still for faggots and I don't mean gay ppl

Velius: seems like it'd be easier to just make a new shell for the controller instead of trying to use the KOC shell

Jadin: yeah I did that at first actually it didn't work out too well

Velius: :<

Jadin: I drilled holes for the button corners and used a jigsaw to make rectangles and jigsaw for the circular TT holes.

I could have perfected it I guess, but I just didn't like it in the end

Velius: ah

Jadin: I had an idea where I could make the TT closer to the keys and it would be easier to pinky scratch. it made it wayyyy harder haha

Velius: hahahaha

Jadin: and the wood wasn't a good hand rest and it collected sweat (gross!)

Velius: ouch

Jadin: I just trashed it eventually and made a new base for the KOCs based on something billyjr did

Velius: thats a name i havent heard in years

Jadin: I found out because Ken (nytelyte) was his roommate in cali and mentioned his controller

anyway I had a lot of wiring issues until I used ethernet wire that stuff rules

Velius: i did that with my custom sticks

tear out a 360 ethernet cable that with my 360 etc

stuff is great, used it with my popn asc too

Jadin: yeah I sold my pop'n too but I didn't wire it originally

Velius: ah

i guess we kinda went into that a lil too much um lets talk about... tga

Jadin: tga was cool

Velius: like how was bowlmanifest

Jadin: nice iidx machines there it was cool lots of nice people

Velius: i wish i could've gone.

couldnt afford it at the time and now that place is gone forever

Jadin: I think I ended up accidently being a dick so sorry if I was a dick to anyone in bowlmanifest

Velius: haha oh man, i'll admit like i was a huge asshole about tga when it closed down i just made this really angry post saying how im glad it was closed etc on aij

Jadin: oh no

Velius: i dont even really know why i did it. i guess i was just half trolling and part of me took offense when they said the midwest didnt deserve the iidx gold machine

Jadin: but the midwest loves iidx! it's just too big

Velius: yeah

but eventually andy from tga came and made this really long post explaining whats up and apologizing. i felt really sorry there. i didnt expect him to respond to some angry ranting person like me but he did

Jadin: haha it's ok, everyone says dumb stuff sometimes

Velius: yeah, live and learn lol

Jadin: I think I was like idk I was rude to people who said stuff like terrible but shouldn't have been

Velius: hahaha i cant remember when epic became taboo

Jadin: for me it was the first time I heard it people still say it at my work and I'm like "come on guys it's almost 2011"

my favorite thing is like my brother is kind of a hippy guy like an athletic hippy guy, not nerdy like I am, etc and I was talking to him a little while back and he's like "oh man you know what word the hippie crowd started to use? 'epic'. oh man I am already sick of it" which is hilarious to me

I was like "welcome to 2005 "
Velius: loll

Jadin: so maybe hippies will be saying 'epic' still in 2016 to replace 'radical' and 'extreme'

Velius: radical

Jadin: mountain dew commercials of the future totally

Velius: break the future

Jadin: sorry my ramblings have nothing to do with iidx interview haha

Velius: im pretty sure more ppl care about stories than iidx for the interviews that is

Jadin: oh ok

Velius: like when i started these interviews i wanted to focus mostly on iidx and i think the only people who care about the iidx parts are people who still are competitive with iidx

Jadin: ic

Velius: everyone else is just interested in reading about stories about the game or moments I think

Jadin: I'm still competitive but it's harder to be now

Velius: yeah, times are tough

Jadin: maybe BMS will make it easier

Velius: oh i thought you meant something like real life gets in the way

Jadin: hmm a bit of that too I still have time though. I'm too lazy to work THAT much

Velius: do you still work at papa johns

Jadin: yeah when I moved to wyoming 4 months ago I got a job here at papa johns all of my coworkers like hiroshi watanabe and taq
we have a sweet sound system in the store

Velius: did you introduce them to it

Jadin: oh not the game

Velius: i meant the music

Jadin: I found out one of my coworkers played a lot of ITG though which was neat

yeah they love the techno. most of them anyway

Velius: so i guess this would make you the pizza beast

Jadin: I got a promotion to manager yeah

Velius: i just find that kinda funny because kokujin a famous 3s player in japan, they all call him pizza beast because he delivers pizzas for a living

Jadin: hahaha

Velius: so when he's beasting on ppl with Dudley, PIZZA BEAST

Jadin: hahaha, that's great toph worked at papa johns in hawaii too

Velius: maybe i'll work at one. be another pizza beast

Jadin: it's a great job for iidx playersss

Velius: hell yea

so i guess i should ask this question and we'll wrap it up with closing statements, what are some of your most memorable moments playing iidx
can be anything

Jadin: ooh let's see

v[a] AAA
tga tournament
first time passing safari 7k

Velius: what did you win for the tga tournament

Jadin: ummm I think like

30 or 50 bucks

Velius: haha the most i've won is like free weed and free food

Jadin: tournament itself more fun than winning I guess

Velius: yeah

Jadin: because it's a game that I love that doesn't get that kind of attention unlike uh ssf4 tournament where 40 players are all like "man I wish this was super turbo why aren't we playing super turbo" "this game suuucks wah"

Velius: lmao

its true

Jadin: yeah it's just weird to be at a tournament where everyone whines about the game

Velius: anytime something dumb happens people yell STREET FIGHTER IV

Jadin: yeah deets does that (hi deets)

Velius: hahahaha

but yeah im glad people enjoy these interviews cause one of my goals was to bring attention to a game that doesnt get alot of attention

Jadin: yeah I like them a lot interesting to read about japan and other perspectives

Velius: yeah definitely

Velius: i originally just planned for 7 interviews and that would be it...but it seems people want even more
so i guess i'll keep them going definitely got some things planned.

Jadin: should interview dolce, I will text him for you

Velius: hahahahahaha i sware though

i will interview a japanese player

it will happen

Jadin: :>

Velius: so i think this wraps up the interview do you have any closing statements?

Jadin: hmmmmmMmmMMMmmm idk

play super meat boy it's fun lol

Velius: great closing words lmao

thank you for letting me interview you

Jadin: oh sure it was fun

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
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Rising in the Sun

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QUOTE (Buffalo @ Dec 6 2010, 05:15 AM) *
Jadin: hmmmmmMmmMMMmmm idk

play super meat boy it's fun lol

aw ye
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funny yet handsome

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i didn't know hiroshi watanabe and taq worked at papa john's


( TANE IS LOVE [updated a bunch])
QUOTE (Junglist King @ Oct 8 2009, 01:44 PM) *
pabst blue ribobn
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Good interview. That TGA tournament was cool to watch...especially since I didn't make it past the qualifier. I swear Shinigami chose Traces because he knew I sucked at it, but we had this hardon for TaQ's music at the time.
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over there
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I AM TRYING to be competitive daniel but you are too good!
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excessively entitled

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ctrl+f marlie


where's my route 80s

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QUOTE (SEXYSEXYCHEVY @ Dec 5 2010, 12:32 PM) *
i didn't know hiroshi watanabe and taq worked at papa john's

they make the best pizzas!

QUOTE (Marlie Tang @ Dec 5 2010, 01:25 PM) *
ctrl+f schala
ctrl+f krystal
ctrl+f marlie


where's my route 80s

I typed a paragraph about you but I guess he edited it out due to too many cusses and genitalia-related vulgarities

[21:17:43] <+Jadin> sry I fell asleep making spaghetti
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I like back.

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Velius: anytime something dumb happens people yell STREET FIGHTER IV

Jadin: yeah deets does that (hi deets)

Are there people who don't do that?
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I'm getting better at timing already... ohmy.gif


I have now Hard Cleared Himiko with my own hands!
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ErAseRmoTor maXi...
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The Shadow

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if you want to interview a japanese player maybe try talking to kisai? he knows english so no language problems

also jadin how are bmses working out for you
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I♥prat fall

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I've only played a few days, maybe ask me in a couple months after I forget to play again

[21:17:43] <+Jadin> sry I fell asleep making spaghetti
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Have you passed Green Curry Another Another yet

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all jew (about damaging it)

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ps please interview kev
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ctrl+f <3 nabs <3


SERIOUSLY THOUGH good stuff <3 Japanese interview would be pretty interesting!

beep boop beep
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Deets, we should start playing again.
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kevin energy
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I think happiness is having something to believe in.

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QUOTE (Deets @ Dec 5 2010, 06:47 PM) *
ps please interview kev

Deets, we should start playing again.


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QUOTE (SiKrAiKeN @ Dec 5 2010, 06:30 PM) *
Deets, we should start playing again.

holy shit
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Candy Galy

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DJ Battle This User

ctrl+F burgers
ctrl+F cakemania

weak :<

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post Dec 5 2010, 10:50 PM
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cool story bro


Q: Tatsh is the real enemy of Tran, why?

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post Dec 5 2010, 10:58 PM
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DJ Battle This User

just so you know that awesome doubles deck i bought from you HOOD is still working well. it hasnt seen much attention lately since ive been doing work training out of town for 2 months... ( still got one month left too... sad.gif ) but once i get moved to utah in january im puttin it back to use!!!

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