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> IIDX player interview #1: otaku1313 AKA over there, gabe
post Nov 28 2010, 03:00 AM
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So as most of us know, the IIDX scene really isn't doing so hot right now (No new CS release , very few arcades, etc). I thought to myself that its a shame to see the IIDX community go out like this and I was thinking to myself "how could I preserve the memories of the community?" or even just get people interested in the game. Thats where the idea of interviewing players comes along. I figure if we never get a CS release, we will atleast have something to look back on. Depending on the success of these interviews, there will be a 2nd round of interviews (some are even in the works right now).

Note: This is the longest interview (about 2-3x larger than the others), and I have divided the interview into various sections. Use CTRL+F to jump to the section you wish to read.

Introduction Questions
More insane IIDX babbling

This is a really long read but if you've been passionate about IIDX, or bored at work/school, and got some time to kill I hope this interview will entertain you.
Introduction Questions
Velius: How did you get started playing IIDX?

otaku1313: hmm, well the same year i was introduced to DDR (2002 I believe), I went to Otakon for the first time and saw some people playing 6th Style in the game room. i thought YESTERDAY was the coolest song I'd heard in a game in a long time and decided to give the game a shot. the guys told me to play Changes L7 first. I tried, I ended up with a D and like 2% almost the entire song, it was traumatic haha

otaku1313: i guess about 6 months after that i ordered 6th and a controller, and that was the beginning. the first day was insane though

otaku1313: i was so determined to use the code to unlock the game, i played YESTERDAY for like 4 hours just to pass it on L7 then failed a new morning or whatever the second song i had to play was. couldn't pass YESTERDAY again for a good hour at least, but eventually i got it down

Velius: Determined from the start!

otaku1313: haha well when you spend 120 bucks on a controller the determination comes with it

Velius: So you've been around quite a while then, before the days of VJ army

otaku1313: yeah i first heard about VJArmy from a friend i met at a tournament when 7th Style had just come out. it was still invite-only then so i got him to let me in haha

Velius: could you explain why the site at the time was invite only

otaku1313: hmm honestly, i'm not entirely sure but it definitely didn't have all the features it does today. dj battles, dj points, and the like were added later

Velius: At first I thought it was because Remy was paranoid about people faking scores for it

otaku1313: haha possibly. it could be that it was essentially in beta though. it was still only a few months old when i signed up

Velius: yeah that makes sense. So when VJ army came around how long had you been playing IIDX. like for a year or so?

otaku1313: hmm, yeah i'd say roughly a year

Velius: obviously the IIDX community was waaay different back then. I honestly cannot imagine IIDX without VJ army

otaku1313: haha yes, it was

Velius: could you tell a bit about what it was like back then

otaku1313: i didn't know it at the time but the tournament i went to at 7th's release was composed of all these sick DDR players, called the PC Crew. they got bored of DDR after Extreme came out and were more focused on IIDX for a long time

Velius: Who were the members of PC crew

otaku1313: haha a LOT but the ones that played IIDX were MAXX Paranoia, GayGoblin, Flashfire, Xiayu, and DarkRurouni

Velius: oh man OLD school

otaku1313: haha yeah they go way back with eachother. i think in some parts of Maryland there's not a lot to do besides play games and be juveniles so they ended up getting really good at games and partying haha. that was my local community anyways

Velius: im sure alot of people feel the same way especially those who don't live on any coasts like myself

otaku1313: haha i bet midwest must suck as for online, i was mostly just a lurker. RYRY, FRRI, HOVA, BLEE (SARS), were big names back then and Saiyajin and Cstar were just getting good. Daniel (HOOD) was around too haha, but he wasn't good yet. for the most part i was a quiet guy and played alone unlike a lot of people who started with friends or in arcade or on vj

Velius: I think thats the IIDX community in general, alot of people keep to themselves

otaku1313: i guess that's why i still play? i have goals of my own that i try to set, but some people just can't see the game without friends or competition. don't get me wrong though, in the past few years i've really realized how much fun it can be to play with friends and stuff so i've been a lot more social

Velius: one of the main reasons why I want to do these interviews is to break the ice and many players quit playing so I figured well now would be the time to sort of preserve whats happened so even if we may never get another CS release we atleast can look back on it in some way

otaku1313: that's a good approach to it. oh man i almost forgot. the guy who didn't want to be remembered haha, qkumbr was probably the best player in my opinion, until people better than Cstar came along i never met him until about 2 years ago but i'd always see desktop arcade's memory card scores at cons, and i think the most shocking thing was RIGHT after 9th came out there was a AAA on CYO [a] i just could not believe it haha

Velius: Yeah I remember asking him about it on his youtube channel some years ago and then he posted a video of it

otaku1313: oh so you were the one that got him to upload it nice haha

Velius: yeah hahaha I didnt think he had a video. guess he kept it hidden all these years for that one special occasion wink.gif

Velius:Prior to playing IIDX, did you have any musical experience?

otaku1313: i did actually, i played trombone for about 4 years prior to starting IIDX

Velius: ah, well do you still play the trombone

otaku1313: haha, well let's just say i can but i haven't in a long time. it's been a few years

Velius: Did playing IIDX or rhythm games in general help improve your musical ability?

otaku1313: well i tried learning piano later and IIDX did help with that a little, but not much. mostly it was me knowing how to read music from before

Velius: Im currently trying to learn the piano and this is going from having no musical experience. only IIDX and rhythm games. its been hell trying to learn to read music but I think I'll keep at it

otaku1313: i can't imagine doing that, i could read bass clef thanks to trombone but treble was impossible. it took long enough just to learn to read that and translate it into movements in my fingers

otaku1313: i think a lot of people tend to quit because they start to think "what could i spend my time and money on that would get it back to me" and IIDX gets erased from their life. i know Krystal is like that, and a lot of the people i know personally who played for a while got to that point

Velius: What do you mean by get it back to me

otaku1313: like get money from what you're putting money into. if you put money into the computer, is your computer going to get you anything back? so like you spend $1000 on a keyboard you learn how to play with a few lessons, $200 the rest is on your own, are you going to perform and get that back eventually?

otaku1313: with IIDX the money you get back is negligible. even if you win a tournament like KOTC you break even or a little better. when i wasn't good enough to break even i stopped buying CS games and started pirating them lol

Velius: Id like to refrain from giving too many of my personal views in the interviews but I would like to say that people should just find something that they enjoy without worrying about making a profit. a job goes infinitely farther than any sort of hobby endeaver to make a profit

otaku1313: i agree. i guess i've realized that here haha, i think i've spent nearly 30,000 yen on IIDX so far and i don't intend on stopping. it's fun and it makes me happy so why not? but for a long time between 10th and now the game was a grindfest i hit 12s when 8th style was fairly new and I didn't think about scoring until around HAPPY SKY CS.

Velius: ah yes I remember your old videos you made when 8th style was new and I was amazed back then. at that point, I was struggling to AAA 5.1.1 L7

otaku1313: haha that was so long ago. i still think my videos are bad. even now i make one and i'm like, man i could have had like 50 more EX on flashback 90s if i didn't fuck up that sick random i got

Velius: yeah I feel that way. I never feel satisfied with anything
I think thats just how good IIDX players are. while others may view us as top players in a way, the only people who dont really refer to us as top players is ourselves

otaku1313: haha yeah except blee

Velius: hahaha well he's a whole nother story
otaku1313: i wanted to say something i found out yesterday

Velius: Go ahead

otaku1313: well probably lots of things but depends on the questions. so i met with R3 yesterday, who is a Japanese player around where i live

Velius: Ah yes

otaku1313: he has the game HCd

Velius: one of the questions I was going to ask was "How is your IIDX experience in Japan" or "what is the scene like and how does it differ from the american scene" and I guess this could be it

otaku1313: haha oh man. okay i'll give you a run-down.

otaku1313: CS is still big, very big even though it's quiet compared to the US

Velius: oh really

otaku1313: everyone i talked to would rather have resort CS than resort AC sinply because konami "balances" the games right on console. they pick good revivals when you have a bad AC songlist or make good CS songs when the revivals aren't that great. it's like on CS games there is somethin for everyone always but on AC you get that revolution song, terra, smooch, and some uk hardcore. there's no slake or taq and no classic taka

Velius: so let me ask you this then. Alot of SSS hates artists like DJ Command, Yoshitaka, Terra etc. what are the opinions of the Japanese players on these artists

otaku1313: i asked the japanese guys yesterday. what they think what is popular among japanese players and japanese tatsujins and how does it vary.

otaku1313: they said it's the same as the US (or what i told them), that yeah the people who aren't that good like xepher, tatsh in general, love shine, yoshitaka, smooooch, dazzlin darlin and all that but...

Velius: hahahahaha

otaku1313: the top players also like SLAKE, old taka stuff, taq, dj murasame (but no other tatsh haha), and asaki so it's a lot like the US i think

Velius: by top players who are you referring to

otaku1313: whoever R3 knows. for your info the people i met were ZENO, JDR-OK, R3, KUREI, and LAMIR. all of them are better than me and i think JDR was in topranker (top 16 in top ranker). there's still differences though in song choice

otaku1313: like no one liked happy wedding, dual control, generally charts that had chords that aren't quite chords zureifumen. there are still exceptions, like they enjoy thunder. no one liked kigonshuu haha. he said it's probably the least played song since 10th or something

Velius: wasnt that a GOLD song?

otaku1313: yeah. i asked them if they liked four-leaf and they all did. just kigonshuu though, maybe it's a japanese thing?

otaku1313: so R3 also said he doesn't like black charts and most people he knows don't. not because they're bad for AC (mendes excluded), but because they are just a replacement for BMSs. said all top players he knows play BMSs

Velius: every top player?

otaku1313: yeah he was shocked i didn't haha. he literally had not heard of anyone who had not played BMSs at my level. well next time we meet he said we'd play CS and BMSs so that might have to wait a little to flesh out

Velius: so what is your reason for not playing these japanese BMSes. I mean I speant may hours uploading them shite lol

otaku1313: well i just don't like most of the songs haha sorry :<
i did dl them once though, gave them a shot but they were all like bad touhou remixes, annoying beatmario songs, or just a mess like gengaozo. there ARE good bms artists like cool*create, onoken, and occasionally fether but two of those guys don't make BMSs anymore sad.gif

Velius: well IIDX is a game with that sort of professional feeling, BMSes are just for the hardcore people who want to get better more than anything if you ask me

otaku1313: true

Velius: let me ask this then ,have you asked if they had heard of SSS

otaku1313: well now that can't be answered but i'll tell you about it. to introduce myself, and in order to prove i wasn't some 4* playing otaku, i gave them my dj page. apparently R3 went through like the entire site and was shocked that so "many" people entered scores. he said japanese people are really reserved and if they're not top players they won't enter. i told him in the past there were songs with 900 or so scores

Velius: might be a cultural thing

otaku1313: yeah definitely

otaku1313: which is when i told him about vjarmy and asked if he knew about it, which he didn't

otaku1313: also one of the first things i was asked there "do you know RYRY"? this was by a player who had been playing since 6th AC and was motivated by RYRY's videos. funny that we get lisu and they get ryry i had to break it to him that he can't play 12s but his timing will always be incredible.

otaku1313: R3 was kind of amazed at the detail SSS has. when i told him about stuff like e-motion, g.m.d, sense, and photongenic which have different charts on different games he didn't even know they existed. i said bmus sucked in my opinion BECAUSE you had to deal with 2 new e-motion charts

Velius: so wait has he played beatmania US?

otaku1313: no but he said he had heard of it once he said "that purple thing? hahaha"

Velius: LMAO

otaku1313: but he did praise it for having old 5-key stuff

Velius: yeah. they even kept the old retarded timing

otaku1313: hahaha yeah i told him about it and that they count on SSS and he was like "wow no one plays those in japan" probably why GAMBOL [a] isn't in AC yet

Velius: so I remember you were telling me before how you tried to talk to japanese players on your last visit and you didnt really get much of a welcome. has things changed now?

otaku1313: yeah, but i'm not playing the same game now. before i was playing pop'n, and there aren't many like "groups" of players that play it. IIDX was a lot different i found out, because usually friends will all go on the same day

Velius: why do you think this is

otaku1313: hmm. probably because you can play with 2 people either that or it's new. occasionally you'll see people battle, R3 wanted to battle me a lot because we got fairly close scores on 11s and under

Velius: its good to know that people in Japan see IIDX as a social thing

otaku1313: well the older crowd sees it as social. they were all around my age except KUREI who was in high school

Velius: do you see a balance of players who play 1p and 2p or do you see mostly players who play 2p or players who mostly play 1p because as you know in the us 1p are in the huge majority

otaku1313: hmm it's mostly 1p. i mean you see MORE lefties who play 2p but still not a lot. maybe 1 in 8 or something

Velius: so anyway time for a bit of a contraversial question you have played on cmcm's machine back in VA right?

otaku1313: yes i have

Velius: alright, heres the contraversial part: he claims his machine is lagless and the vierra is the monitor used in the new iidx machines in japan. as someone who has played on official cabinets in japan and his machine, lay down the judgement if you will

otaku1313: lmao it's definitely not lagless.
the audio is good though, you can play by that but, over here things work differently. at least for RA, not sure about Sirius. most places have a CRT and if they have both, the CRT gets hogged. LCD screens are kinda bad but still way better than at VA however, the audio doesn't seem to work like the machine in VA so it's a toss-up. it really depends if you play visually or aurally because if you like HS CS and you can time fine, you won't mind the VA machine and you'll hate LCD's here. i'm not a fan of the official LCDs
sirius in VA feels like HS CS, i have to hit way past the line

Velius: the reason i ask this is because many IIDX machines in the US are bootlegged and with the same vierra monitor so its always been my theory i guess to test this but I probably wont get the chance to go to japan for a long time so I figure I could ask you because I remember the first time I flew out to VA (during when AC Empress was the newest style) he had a bad video card or something and the songs would randomly drift and you would start getting goods. it didnt really make sense and it pissed me off alot.
and I also remember talking to RYRY about this back when he frequented IRC and he told me when AI had the vierra monitors he tried playing bitmania [a] and got a 191k on empress. he told me the same thing I was thinking that it was neither late or early it was just fucked up.

otaku1313: it would be nice to get official CRTs somehow but unfortunately a majority of the machines have/had broken CRTs or were the really old projection model

Velius: yeah but the crts are worth way more than the cabinet itself. those arent even produced anymore correct?

Velius: do you find other players feel the same about the official LCDs being bad?

otaku1313: it depends, if the player likes playing for score they always use the CRT. zeno and jdr-ok never once used the LCD but lamir and R3 did. R3 mostly because he wanted to clear shakunetsu and it had the custom scratch.

Velius: speaking of which, how are the TTs on japan machines because as you know in america, they're practically unplayable for songs like shakunetsu.
otaku1313: TTs are slightly worse in america but not by much, emp scratch just lets you hold it better, it actually is heavier than the old model. the stuff you see dolce and a few others play on with weird tape and no designs or anything are custom plastic turntables

Velius: so let me get this straight then, you have not played on a AC turntable in Japan thats as loose as a KOC?

otaku1313: no i have, i've played on AC turntables far looser than anything i've ever seen haha. like you hit them and they're spinning a measure later. it still sucks because it's still heavy and you're gonna have to keep it from misfiring more if it's loose

Velius: I remember onipa telling me that Red isnt even playable on the AI machine

otaku1313: hahaha well see that's the thing no one like pinky scratches 16th scratches. they just one hand the keys entirely otherwise, you get huge callouses on your pinky. yesterday R3's pinky was blue from trying shakunetsu so much.

Velius: if you asked players who've AAAed mei [a] like JDR-OK how many times they've played it because from what I've observed, i read on tanmen's blog he played it like 700 times on AC during that mix and this isnt counting CS

otaku1313: hahahahahaha premium free is all the rage now, let's say that. shakunetsu was probably played over 250 times yesterday in the arcade i was in, while i was there
yeah R3 played it (Mei [a]) 513 times on sirius
i didn't ask JDR about it but man, some things just need to be kept quiet haha

Velius: well thats kind of the point of the interviews, i want to throw these things in the light because its easy for players to watch a dolce video and go "thats fucking sick" but these people dont realize how much time dedication and money is spent to get those scores

otaku1313: i know
but lemme say: this on R3s blog last night he said his playcount on shakunetsu hit 108 by the end of the night
he never got OMES and didn't get to play it the day before so 108 plays in a day. obviously quitting out or hard failing a lot but it is still 108 plays

Velius: yeah, many playcounts are not infilated because they dont include restarts. imagine that

otaku1313: hahaha yeah i can concur on that. a lot of players trying to break into the upper 12s get discouraged from my experience because it requires a LOT of time and plays.
my mei playcount is low, i've probably restarted and failed like 100-150 times total but on other songs stuff like GOBWS Due tomorrow another and hyper my playcount is like 80 or 100 and my real playcount aka restarts is probably close to 600 or more

Velius: whats the sickest thing you've witnessed in japan for iidx

otaku1313: haha well it's not really a single play people here are obsessed with what is hard and what they don't have
i've seen someone get AAA+20 on play back hate you then play bad maniacs and get AAA-10

Velius: WHAT
i guess im sort of the same way

otaku1313: yeah same for eyes
it's like oh hey i finally got the FC on light shine and AAA+10, now i just need to HC 3y3s
then they do it and get like AAA-50 or something stupid
i guess it speaks to the theory that clearing harder stuff will get you some semblance of timing
but yeah people who can consistently get MAX-anything on any song are rare here

Velius: damn, what about JDR and ZENO

otaku1313: well yeah obviously them lol
most of the time people are shocked if you have more than AAA+50 on something
it shows you know the chart and probably played it more than once, or that you just have good timing
like R3 wondered how i got AAA+130 on rottel the mercury haha silly but true then you go on S3 and there are like 10 97% or higher scores on it etc
here people just look for AAA and FC, but i think once they finish most of the game and it starts getting to a grind, they go one of two ways either clearing/fcing or scoring

Velius: so do you think the IIDX scene in Japan is still strong or is it becoming a niche?

otaku1313: the iidx scene in japan hmm
from what i saw yesterday with the other players it's strong in some parts but the game is stagnating in AC strangely haha
i guess the best way to explain would be that the songs are fine but the thing is there are more and more bugs and the feel of the game is more and more boring i mean you start up 6th,8th,9th you KNOW the song select music in RA it's just kinda there

Velius: bugs? could you go into detail

otaku1313: for the bugs, at release there are always bugs but for the first time, there was a fatal bug in troopers well since 9th anyways like eat your 100yen and crash the machine fatal repeatable bugs
troopers had 1, empress had 1, sirius had 3, RA has 5

Velius: could you explain for those of us not in the know

otaku1313: haha well i think some of them are patched now but playing the default machine course would crash the machine playing a rival course that was missing a single song would crash the machine playing a certain selection of songs in your round would crash the machine for an unknown reason

Velius: it makes me wonder how the people who play the HDD rips dont discover these

otaku1313: well the HDD rips are usually later versions, but it depends also you have to make them more stable for computer use they're not meant to be used outside of a bemanipc so they probably do things to keep it from becoming unstable

Velius: yes this is one of the things i was getting at earlier that most machines in the us are not using an official bemanipc

otaku1313: hahaha yeah think that's the biggest problem but there's not much of a way to fix that from what i understand getting a legit kit costs an arm and a leg

Velius: you mentioned that midori (dj QUASAR) plays AC yet gets entirely different scores than on CS could you elaborate?

otaku1313: hmm well first of all on midori's videos there are hundreds of comments debating between him and dolce at the end of the video they will post dolce's best EX score and it is usually higher than midori's CS score on video usually not always
if the song is not on AC, then they'll post his best on the HOL for the CS game for like black charts and the like so they are very adamant about AC vs CS seems like
he posted his AC dj ID on one of his videos, later removed it because one guy posted all his ac scores on some site and they weren't anything to choke up about. they're obviously very good but he won't get anywhere near what he gets on CS

Velius: did you think it could be fake or was it the real thing

otaku1313: ah that's a good question i think if he really did fake AC scores, he would have had better scores lol
and people wouldn't still be debating whether he's better than DOLCE on CS or whatever they're debating

Velius: so this debate still goes on in japan

otaku1313: apparently haha i mean in america generally people understand AC is harder, from my knowledge
R3 told me most players who play CS and try AC just quit though so it's possible they really don't get it

Velius: so anyway i have ran out of questions about the scene in japan, do you have anything else you would like to say?

otaku1313: just that the players i met were far friendlier than i expected them to be
japanese people around here are a little scared of foreigners (literally scared) so i was surprised they were so nice and inviting

Velius: so it was a complete difference from your last visit when you tried to befriend popn players over there

otaku1313: yes pop'n players never even spoke a word to me haha

Velius: oh wow that must suck. i dont know how they could be scared of you though. you dont look intimidating

otaku1313: haha not me, just foreigners in general like you can look at 2ch game center threads and people will tell you to stay away from arcades that gaijin go to or that they were scared because they thought their wallet would get stolen by the blonde-haired german sitting across the room, etc so there are a lot of people that are legitimately scared, but thankfully this guy wasn't haha

Velius: hahahahaha wow thats harsh but thats 2ch anyway since you mentioned 2ch i figured i should ask this: are there any other places where people post about IIDX or is it just 2ch and blogs

otaku1313: um well videos haha generally blogs seem like the biggest place

Velius: i guess those count but theres no real community there that isnt anonymous except blogs though from what i understand

otaku1313: yes but people like knowing someone good so they flock to good players' blogs like YUJI's old page

Velius: so where would players go to figure out strategies? these good players blogs?

otaku1313: well that depends it used to be blogs like RoBo's old one would have anmitsu charts and full charts for hard stuff but hibroad is around /textage
there are also players who will create anmitsu bmss and post them on nico
http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm7854720 (mendes black)

Velius: oh wow theyve got it down to a science

More insane IIDX babbling
Velius: What is your favorite style?

otaku1313: 6th by far and away 6th. not because i started on it but because of the licenses, the originals, the game BGM, tatsujin videos, drill mode, long courses, video mode, you fuckin' name it
that game was solid gold before there was solid gold
i guess that's why a lot of older players quit after it or started on it
it's like pure ecstasy. i though empress would be as good, and it was good but it wasn't nearly as good as 6th

Velius: What is your green number and is it different from AC to CS?

otaku1313: 255 gold, 260 troopers, 250 (iirc) empress and PB
AC is 275-285
depending on density and scratches

Velius: lol

otaku1313: differes from game to game

Velius: thats what i want to hear

otaku1313: 255 gold, 260 troopers, 250 (iirc) empress and PB. AC is 275-285. depends on density and scratches

Velius: i read around your AC range when i play cs. i might go a bit faster depending on how i feel

otaku1313: you use an ASC though right? or did?

Velius: i use a dao pe right now with the fucked up turntable

otaku1313: well do you move your fingers from key to key at all? or do you have a set position that covers everything

Velius: i just wrist scratch everything lmao

otaku1313: ah okay

Velius: 1048 style wrist scratch everything all day

otaku1313: nice. i went the opposite way
going from pinky scratching and covering every key to in AC moving my thumbs where they're needed
well CS is probably the strangest playstyle i've ever seen haha
kinda funky considering i've seen yuji's old red videos with GHHH or whatever his name was
l pinky scratch, l palm 1, l index 2, l thumb 3, r index 4, r thumb 5, r middle 6, r ring 7
i used to play with pinky on 7 but that changed in 8th style. in AC both my thumbs move, left from 1 to 3, right from 5 to 3. otherwise it's no different, besides occasionally using my whole hand to scratch, or my other fingers to do it

Velius: so if there is one thing you would like to add or change about your playstyle currently what would it be?

otaku1313: hmm well i'd ask to be dolce but i can't do that haha

Velius: hahahahaha

otaku1313: i guess just be more free with my placements and i'm trying gradually my left index goes over to 4 when it's needed

Velius: thats pretty close to asking if to be dolce if you ask me. Haha

otaku1313: haha well my goal in AC is just to be able to do what i do in CS

Velius: thats a pretty tough goal

otaku1313: eventually i'll set a new goal because i'm nearly there haha
just a few more hard clears and some AAAs to get

Velius: i remember ryry was lent that dj ning controller or w/e and he gave up cause he couldnt get close to his cs scores
its a good goal though but i would say that players should treat it like a different game

otaku1313: it's been REALLY hard adapting to arcade

Velius: yeah everyone gets frustrated

otaku1313: yeah that's a good point

Velius: speaking of getting frustrated, how do you cope with frustration in IIDX

otaku1313: hmm, well i used to be that angry gamer kid and yell at everyone when i played. at some point i played with people around more and more and even got used to talking while playing just games in general and that's when the anger stopped completely
yeah it can be frustrating playing one chart for 4 hours straight and only raising it 20 EX (GOBWS4th) but you know that when you come back later you're gonna be better and you might just get that perfect random
not to mention you now know the chart like the back of your hand

Velius: yeah thats good advice

otaku1313: i think when i was first playing and got frustrated i'd just turn the game off and go outside for an angry walk haha but i wasn't going for AAAs and i wasn't restarting all the time not until 8th and sakura [a]
oh my god sakura [a] haha that took like 7 hours straight. i still hadn't passed a lot of 11s like stoic and spica, though those were 12s when HS came out but i was so determined to pass sakura.
i played it hours and hours on end until i finally did it and that's another thing
if you're frustrated, you just gotta think of how good it's gonna feel when you get it and post it all over 5 different bemani board accomplishment threads etc

otaku1313: lol

Velius: hahaha thats something ive definitely done. not going to lie

otaku1313: exactly it's okay to be like that sometimes too

Velius: yeah but the interesting thing is the japanese people dont even post about their scores or milestones

otaku1313: haha

otaku1313: i have no idea how that works yet

Velius: yeah

otaku1313: i know they grind on official BMSs before they go to the arcade but that's about it

Velius: official bmses?

otaku1313: yeah specifically shakunetsu lol

Velius: haha

otaku1313: i don't think the people that haven't played it understand how futile it is. my himiko score is now higher my almagest will be an A next time i play, maybe a clear and mei is way higher

Velius: im pretty sure i would get a D on it cause im terrible at scratching

otaku1313: haha. not that bad it's got notes. the notes will get you a C but after that just don't bad glitch the turntable (lol yeah right good luck)
it's literally the first song i've seen that konami put shit in to intentionally bad glitch the turntable
there's the jack in V the jacks in due tomorrow but now there's the 24ths in shakunetsu. good luck to anyone that aspires to do that song

Velius: yeah if we ever are somehow able to play RA

otaku1313: who knows some people will come over here and get to play it on the next mix or whatever until it gets deleted like due
that's another thing i really wanted to talk about

Velius: hm?

otaku1313: why iidx in AC isn't as good anymore in japanese opinions i kinda forgot about it but the deletion lists.
konami has to do it to save space and keep loading times low but it's sad because there are so many songs missing that aren't even licenses

Velius: even the japanese are pissed about it

otaku1313: yeah. stuff like due is a welcome deletion to most of them though haha

Velius: hahaha i bet they were happy with that

otaku1313: yeah

Velius: so anyway. AAAing Mei [a] is considered by many to be the pinnacle achievement and has yet to be done by the English speaking IIDX community. Do you believe someone will eventually do it?

otaku1313: no

otaku1313: i don't believe anyone has the drive to do it
to be honest, krystal could have but i think she fell prey to what i did when i was trying to pass V [a]

Velius: what do you mean

otaku1313: well after a certain amount of time muscle memory works against you if you don't have the chart perfect yet. krystal didn't have anything else to play really. it was just mei, himikobe, mendes black and some FC songs she wasn't willing to grind
but when i asked her she said that could have been the problem. you can only play a song for so long before things start to fall apart on you, so that's probably what happened and why she never raised that old 87 something
at least that's my guess

Velius: i see

otaku1313: limey could have done it too if hawaiian brian's machine didn't break and he wasn't broke lol
i think there's a point where you cross from cool to pointless and it's a thin line having too much of a drive

Velius: thats a very good point to bring up sometimes the time to do something isnt worth the reward

otaku1313: haha well i have a quick example. you look at toph and vgamet. they're cool guys they get cool scores. even if they weren't cool guys, people would like them because they get good scores.
but a lot of people don't like krystal or don't believe her because she got scores that were way too good for how much she posted about them she got good quick because she played a lot, and instead of talking on forums she played once she was pretty good she finally posted some, and no one believed her lol
so it's a very difficult thing, trying to have the drive to AAA mei [a] while still talking to people and just having fun with the game and the community

Velius: yeah i agree. its something you could ask jdr about if hes willing to devulge

otaku1313: i'll definitely ask them about mei because it's such a special case for a lot of people the song is hard but for some reason it's like a mental block song. there are harder songs in my opinion like himiko and himiko black but i think it's like and i hate to say this it's so cliché the "daigo factor".
basically "oh my god i am playing mei oh god here comes the slowdown" "oh god the bass rolls and 32nd glissandos"

Velius: i dont have that fear when i play it anymore but its still hard

otaku1313: yeah for sure

Velius: you made the switch from popn to IIDX after being a strong supporter of popn, could you explain why

otaku1313: hmm well i am still a strong supporter, but the main reason i'm focusing on IIDX now is because i'm not as good as i could be. i played pop'n to the point the only person i was going to lose to in the US was Kaze, now chubs is better but still and i was no longer in japan so Kaze level wasn't going to happen
IIDX on the other hand, i was MAYBE top 25 2 years ago maybe. and i'd lose at like Kings of the Coast to Derek (DERK) every year so basically i wanted to improve similarly to pop'n
i still feel like i'm not in the top 10 but so many people have quit it's hard to tell
here i judge myself from the IR and there are people who don't participate but there aren't a lotmost people who are decent at IIDX do
i got 217th in beat 1 for RA that's pretty good

Velius: yeah thats not bad for having not alot of ac experience. youre still getting use to ac right

otaku1313: yes i am. i still can't do like any nonrandom charts. it's a silly block but i'll get past it eventually

Velius: well now that you mention it what are the charts you prefer to play nonrandom or mirror on

otaku1313: oh man there are a lot
mirror i can tell you one, feel it.
there aren't many others
for sran, inori and broadbanded MAYBE, the earth light original [a] and 321 stars
for nonran, there are a ton. generally what i do now that i no longer bother looking at nonran charts is watch videos before i get the chance to play the song. if the nonran is really nice like colorful cookie was, i'll do nonran but i'll still try a few randoms it varies for which side you play on but that's the idea
honestly, this is gonna sound weird but milk chan would know what songs i play nonran better than me because he's using my scores as a guide for grinding on AAAs
i do that sometimes too. i stole my friend's idea for A-Jax AAA, but developed my own for FC

Velius: what is his idea to aaa it or how to play the song

otaku1313: use HS3.5 or 4.0 and when the first slowdown comes put the towel down and just ignore the first few notes it's for AAA. gaygoblin/papsmr's idea

otaku1313: so you play REALLY fast HS but you towel it even when it slows down. i have like a million ways to do soflan songs, lots of them involving like hat and throwing towels down etci guess part of why i don't mind bpm changing songs is because pop'n made me used to them

Velius: yeah theres a shit load in popn

otaku1313: not only that but i'm used to learning what to do on songs in iidx and i enjoy it. it's like learning a piece of music you have to know when to slow down or be soft. when to barely tap a note or to hold it for an extended period of time. a lot of players don't like that japan included.
i think of it as more fun, more musical unless it is to the point where the bpm change is too high like paranoia hades

Velius: alot of players dont like slowdowns in japan?

otaku1313: yes in japan most people don't like slowdowns or speedups or stops

Velius: so now that you've been in japan you're playing RA, what is your opinion on the contraversial charge notes and back spin scratches

otaku1313: hahaha get used to them. they're gonna be there for a while charge notes are not that bad and you'll get used to them even on random after a few songs. BSS are a different story. it's hard to break that habit of tapping the turntable and you need extra time to think about it an extra few milliseconds. so you have to raise the green number but they are also a lot of fun if used right more fun than charge notes.

if they keep anything, keep the BSScratches. miracle meets nonrandom is a good example. it's not too hard to one-hand the notes and the pattern on them is not stupid. it's not mei [a] on right hand while you're doing a backspin scratch.

i'm hoping there's nothing like that in RA but for the other songs like DOOR INTO RAINBOW
it's fun moving the scratch and knowing at some point it will end and you have to push it back and it a chord at the same time the question is will your left hand be in the right spot in time haha or will you just one hand it?

that's why they're fun. again it requires thought. something that IIDX players aren't that used to no offense to them

playing pop'n can get mentally tiring because you have to keep thinking about speedups, slowdowns, and what high speed you need. in IIDX you get a green number for everything and most songs don't have speedups or slowdowns, even less have BSScratches so it's something that pure technique can't overcome

at the end of the day if you can FC mei [a] but you've never heard SABER WING, or seen the chart, you're gonna hard fail if you use hard

Velius: yeah

otaku1313: that happened a lot yesterday haha

Velius: thats just the bottom line

otaku1313: yeah

Velius: gotta play dont matter how good you are before

otaku1313: there are some things you just have to learn

Velius: What are some of your most memorable milestones in IIDX?

otaku1313: hmm. SP AAA #2500. i don't even remember what it was but i am close to 100 AAAs away from finishing the SP AAAs. haha there are other ones
HC sakura ES on 8th
HC PDG on 8th
PDG took 400 plays, sakura took years i got it right before DD came out but man that old hard bar is brutal. i still need to try HELL3 on 6th haha with the ultra-hard bar
Hmm there are a lot tbh. A on me C on mendes black clearing blue rain black the last day in america
oh ixion FC hard fail AAA. that was a fun one. took me a few hours to get it right
monkey dance hyper AAA, my first 6* AAA both my first 11 AAAs, resonate 1794 and luv to me ucchies
oh and WHAT'S NEXT [a] AAA. can't forget that
PC last message [a] and literally hundreds of FCs i tried for hours on end to get

Velius: oh really those fcs werent in your couple tries they took work

otaku1313: yeah i think a lot of people just "get" FCs but somewhere along the way i decided i needed to play more randoms and i wanted more DJ points i wanted that ALL SONGS flashing FC lamp so i started grinding for FCs.
i think i have a little under 100 FCs less than i have AAAs so like 2430 or so
clearing mei [a] was a big milestone i've done it many times since but it was literally the last song i had to clear at the time when gold was out

Velius: you got nageki before mei?

otaku1313: yes i got everything before mei

Velius: wow thats odd

otaku1313: i know back when HS came out i posted on BMS
someone remembers this for sure i was like "yeah mei looks really easy, you can just do the end and clear it" to which everybody laughed their asses off
i say a lot of stuff like that because i just don't think about playing stuff in my head with iidx haha

Velius: and you ate your own words

otaku1313: yeah i ate them hard eventually people found out you could do it and it wasn't THAT terrible but i was unable to for the longest time. i remember thinking OML was easier than No. 13 because it had less notes boy was i wrong

Velius: hahaha well im sure i said dumb things about iidx like that at some point just cant recall anything at the moment or anyone really

otaku1313: haha i'm not afraid to speak my opinion a lot of people bash me for it but i don't care i guess that's kind of what i'm known for now especially amongst people like krystal and jadin

Velius: i dont think your as opionated as some of the other people on the forums

otaku1313: that's true but my opinions often aren't popular

Velius: i can think of other people with way shittier opinions

otaku1313: haha well thanks i guess

Velius: well this will be the last question i have then you can make any closing remarks and that will be it
SSS is only a small portion of the US bemani community, could you tell us what is your personal opinion of the bemani community outside of SSS ( dont hold back! )

otaku1313: hmm well it depends on the site

Velius: lets say sows and bms to start it off

otaku1313: what people say about bemanisows members being elitist is true in my opinion and in my experience but not all of them. for BMS it used to be great back in the 6.0 and early 7.0 days. a lot of good players used to post good info there but now it's turned into DDRFreak, albeit not as stale. just a bunch of "i like this song" threads and "which movie is your favorite" stuff but bemanistyle is still good for news.

AIJ tends to be an interesting mix of nice people and dancing game elitists but it always has the latest tournaments listed which is good. for SSS i've been with it for a long time and though the userbase has changed so has the general age i think so it's gotten more mature (i know it sounds silly to say that but the humor is really more mature now) it used to be a bunch of guys XDing every post they could and talking about bikini pics in 6th or something

Velius: yeah most people who were teenagers back then are now in their 20s

otaku1313: now it's kind of nearing a mid-life crisis haha it got married to xythar
it's had it's life for a while, will it continue being a score tracker or will it become a forum. only xythar can create the front page

Velius: anyway thats it for the questions
do you have anything else youd like to say

otaku1313: yes, a few things i guess to future players mostly
if you ever decide to AAA the game or mei [a] or whatever the case may be, there are people that will always respect you and only you can give yourself the drive to do it. also it's a video game. no matter how popular or unpopular it gets remember it's just a video game. don't break your TV because of it or get a divorce or anything drastic like that you can play it all you want.

that's it i guess. thanks for interviewing me

Velius: alright thank you for taking your time for the interview

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
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chotto kiitena
post Nov 28 2010, 03:44 AM
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Thanks, that was an interesting read (especially the stuff about Japan).

Regarding S3 I don't really have the drive right now to take the site in a new direction like I orginally hoped to - the current CS bemani hiatus is the main reason for this, I think. At the moment I'm just focused on keeping it running as-is.

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post Nov 28 2010, 03:44 AM
Post #3

Candy Galy

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Fake-ass John Tr...
post Nov 28 2010, 03:49 AM
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betty spaghetti

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Was a good read. I'd like to see them continue actually.
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post Nov 28 2010, 04:38 AM
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The Shadow

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I liked this.


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post Nov 28 2010, 04:42 AM
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ya nice read. Good to know the old iidx scene in US and beginning of vjarmy.


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post Nov 28 2010, 04:50 AM
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Dazzlin' Darlin

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I just kind of skimmed through parts of this at the moment, but I'm going to sit down and read the whole thing soon. I look forward to reading the others, too. Nice idea.
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kevin energy
post Nov 28 2010, 06:07 AM
Post #8

I think happiness is having something to believe in.

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incoming cool guy post, cool guy post below this line


the japan part was really interesting! I'm relieved to hear that japanese guys hate black anothers too :>>

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Fake-ass John Tr...
post Nov 28 2010, 06:20 AM
Post #9

betty spaghetti

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I thought they would've preferred AC to CS but apparently they're quiet about CS, but I don't know why they are :/
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post Nov 28 2010, 08:36 AM
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No Mayoi No Life

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As a Japanese guy myself, black anothers are fucking awesome.

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The Shadow

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Interview Fanatiq. I've heard him tell stories in person and he's very entertaining.


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post Nov 28 2010, 09:14 AM
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huh, interesting to read the stuff on cmcm's machine. I did a bit of work on that and I can post an explanation of that machine's peculiarities if anyone's interested (long story short, yes the Viera does lag but the input lag is actually lower than any real machine in existence)

um also HDD releases aren't "stabilised" in any way.

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post Nov 28 2010, 10:37 AM
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The Shadow

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I'd be interested.

I've heard something to the effect of, on official IIDX machines with LCDs, the game is run in 640x480 then internally upscaled to 720p within the video card, then output to the LCD, but most people playing the cracks ignore that upscaling and end up with strange timing. Anything to do with that? Well I guess you'd explain.


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post Nov 28 2010, 10:51 AM
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No, IIDX always emits a 640x480 video signal from the graphics card. Any scaling has to be done by the display. I'd assume the Konami LCD doesn't have a native res of 640x480, so it has to perform some scaling inside the display and that is what introduces lag. If that LCD is hooked up by VGA and the chips driving the LCD are particularly dumb then that might introduce a frame of lag as well. I suspect that sticking an XRGB between the Konami LCD and the IIDX PC might make Type B displays perform a lot better.

As for cmcm's machine... as you guys probably know, it's a custom job. Basically the video lag is worse than a Konami CRT but the input lag is better. The Viera display definitely lags, but it's probably about as good as you're going to get from consumer HDTVs without resorting to computer monitors (and those don't come in 42").

However, the I/O board isn't an official Konami I/O board. I guess it depends on the generation of the machine, but on a 6th Style vintage system like that, there's a split configuration. There's the Twinkle CPU which connects to the 14 gameplay key switches and LEDs directly, and then there's a bunch of boards behind the sliders and the marquee that drive everything else, and they're hooked up to the CPU through a kind of serial port. wuselfuzz being the godlike hardware guy he is looked at a photograph of the boards behind the marquee and figured out what parts are required to communicate with it, then reverse engineered the control protocol by remote-controlling a PC connected to it while watching a webcam (!). So now we have this $50 piece of junk hanging off a parallel port that runs circles around a real $1000 PCB. The 14 keys are connected to a PacDrive and a USB iPac. I had to hack up the EXE at several points to redirect the lights and the input code.

We actually have a real Konami IO PCB but we don't use it, because it plays much worse than our custom job.

QUOTE (Junglist King @ Jan 16 2011, 03:19 PM) *
Hot and Dangerous scratching. Makes "Big." by FullMetal Tortoise look like something Gosaku would play.

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post Nov 28 2010, 12:05 PM
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Thanks for doing this, it was a good read. smile.gif
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post Nov 28 2010, 12:25 PM
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The Shadow

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Thanks everyone for the support! I wasn't sure how well received these interviews would be.

Im not sure how I would get in contact with sars when he's banned from the forum now. Plus he's already been interviewed on the dogfaceshow lol.

Thanks Tau for clarifying. I know a year or 2 ago, so many people were certain that the vierras didn't lag. I don't mean any disrespect to cmcm in that segment, I just wanted to hear about the differences between official machines and the machines in the states for curiosity state. wuzzlefuzz is legit btw. I played on a wuzzlefuzz adapter once and even though it was on a KASC and on a vierra, it was by far the best experience I've had with playing on a HDD rip.

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
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post Nov 28 2010, 01:38 PM
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Dazzlin' Darlin

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QUOTE (Buffalo @ Nov 28 2010, 12:25 PM) *
Im not sure how I would get in contact with sars when he's banned from the forum now. Plus he's already been interviewed on the dogfaceshow lol.

If you really wanted to, he still posts over at shoryuken (as fanatiq) so you probably could get into contact with him there.
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post Nov 28 2010, 02:38 PM
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Roll for Tier

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This was a really good read.

Good job Velius. :>

If you wanna continue the series, I'm down for an interview if you so desire.

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post Nov 28 2010, 03:11 PM
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Great read.
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post Nov 28 2010, 05:11 PM
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Candy Galy

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I didn't start to participate in the IIDX scene until it started dying so this was very informative. Hopefully these interviews continue.

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