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> whoa, so that's what 2017 was like!? verified first official inaugural 2018 post, TENI TENI TENIMYU TENI TAISOU!
ErAseRmoTor maXi...
post Jan 6 2018, 12:01 AM
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The Shadow

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on top of last year we heralded a new year by a group radio calisthenics http://forum.solidstatesquad.com/index.php?showtopic=8250 .in that manner, did you tag along? just in case, there's a brief refresher. it's radio exercise, each and everyone can join in http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm7960417 .it's instant to see, even newcomers can enjoy in it by each and every person no matter the time schedule . you are spruced-up by expensive suit to always in a conference, board meeting etc, and big money bags salary? are you scullion? arcade cashier? mariachi band? from former to any conceivable, radio calisthenics can fit whatever you answer . OK!

introduction is over, so what about 2017? it's 2018 which means we have to quick year-in-review comments.2017 was always chock-full to truly supply curveballs down to the very clock.for a sum-up, maybe a one-word-describe of 2017.I'll think.hm.how about : you know of "祭り込む" (matsurikomu)? from dictionary in english translated : "To place an obnoxious person in an out-of-the-way post to be rid of him or her." hmm.there doesn't yet exist dead-ringer word for suitable crackshot precise antonym, I think it would be : "To place an obnoxious person in #1 eye-catching post to suffer him or her." lightheartedly, therefore if someone invents it, that would be my 2017 word!

but I guess time really does move forward.

well, it's only 12 months, anyway.with strong bodies and keen minds, let's keep going and see how to improve.by-the-by, let's apply ourselves to utilize extra shrewd mindset to attack this year !! so , let's do our best again in 2018 and everyone have a good one

thank you. happy new year !
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post Jan 6 2018, 12:11 AM
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Everyone Is Epic Winnocent

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This post is for saying this fucking words:

That year sux
That year were the worst bullshit i can see, and that were not my friend, and you,
2018 people, better not a motherfuckers, not be bigh motherfuckers

>=( ahí 201 se ven

LeonMoongooner3: hi
Kryssstal: hi huh
LeonMoongooner3: is this thee krysstal?
Kryssstal: uh huh
LeonMoongooner3: youre a straight legend girl
Kryssstal: but i'm bi

"maya talks like someone perpetually participating in internet cat fights" -viv

"Anyway point is following your thought processes is not unlike trying to herd a kitten that fell into a ball pit" -ShadowWraith

"now i want ppl to know, that i see you, from over here, across the internet, turning up the corners of your lips in a smile, thinking that this is a funny statement, and i just want to say how DARE you not take this situation seriously, how DARE you treat this situation with any humor whatsoever. epitome! the perfect example! of the embarrassment, the shame of humanity. you all have got some nerve to even crack a grin whatsoever in the slightest, and none of you have the slightest shred of dignity or emotion. i am appalled and dismayed. thank you. bows" -Jadin

"well, yes, and ofc she is an intolerant narcissist girl lol" -jeanclaude

"like you can't just say 'well if you'd been in x place at y time then you'd know' as if i'm supposed to take your word for it and fucken like agree with you 'oh you're right krystal is an irredeemable sociopath and she's dexter from the hit show dexter'" -Rambly

"krystal with a relaly tiny pecker is probably peak sexiness anyway" -grass

"for the record i always imagined krystal being closer to daria than velma" -funkdoc

"nah, it's cool. you seem fine. especially for a person" -ancientscapes

"tfw biggest internet tough girl is a sub" -Based Audity

Kneel down and clean the smegma between my toes that I accrued from giving footsiejobs to someone actually deserving. :3

“There is nothing in the world that cannot be cured by love. That is the most thing.” ―Antonio Banderas

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