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Posted by: Koushiro Nov 30 2014, 11:43 AM

He seems to be closest to my skill level currently (who has been online in at least the past month), so let's see how this goes! Most of my (non) BMUS scores are super old, because i'm waiting to receive the jap games in the mail still (besides Empress that my friend let me use for a day lol).

It's really hard to play without my thumbs though, because I keep most of my fingers assigned to certain keys (although i've been starting to adapt accordingly based on how difficult some songs are).

I used to use a DAO controller until it was stolen (haven't had the spare $500 to afford another one with all the bells and whistles again...), but until then i'm just using the USKOC (and yeah, I made sure to do the wax paper soft mod for the turntable so it can actually MOVE haha).

Anyone else active still who is around my skill level? Haven't broken beyond the Hyper 10/Another 9 barrier just yet (I think I might've passed an Another 10, can't remember).

Edit: Changed my rival to HepCat, can someone change my topic title to djhepcat?

Posted by: djhepcat Dec 3 2014, 11:27 AM

Added you as a rival; my current rival doesn't play CS anymore. Are you in the Facebook group?

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