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> PMS Mixes: Toy Musical and Toy Musical 2, Download both here
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post Nov 18 2009, 10:09 PM
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Official Site for TM2: http://toymusical.bms.ms/tm2/

So I've known about this for a while (several years) as do others, but never looked into it further until about May this year. By that time my classes got really difficult as well, and so I didn't play this a lot but I've recently come back to it. These mixes are basically full pop'n fan mixes made by every BMS author who was active in 2007 or before, and the charts are actually a lot of fun. I'll be going over some of that in a second, but for now I'd like to say my one complaint about this mix: It works only on nanashi groove as far as I know (colorful channel came out recently and looks like it supports it, though I'll have to check into that), and the interface they made for TM2 is pretty much the best they could do with nanashi's limited customization, though better than something extremely old like feeling pomu (which for some reason colorful canvas runs off of), which is probably as old as bm98's last update if not older. This results in a lot of problems with playing on the interface, as I'm used to different style lane flares, a better, more opaque lane view, and different sprites for the popkun. However, I really enjoy these mixes and I am going to see if I can get the LR2 beta pop'n skin that no longer works on current releases, or get colorful channel's emulator working with it (which seems like the best option since it was designed to be like pop'n, not IIDX). Obviously some of the special stuff they did with courses (like ITG does with mods) and some of the innovative charts and joke charts won't work, but it'll be a lot better than playing it on the TM2 interface or worse, the original nanshi groove interface.

Toy Musical [1] was released as a somewhat large mix of songs that seemed a lot like BMS-style music rather than something more fitting with pop'n, but nonetheless had fantastic charts and didn't have a lot to unlock. When the unlocks did come out, you just downloaded the file, used a password, and extracted. I liked that about TM1, even though it didn't do anything special with courses except for one thing (which I'd find a lot later).
TM Highlights included:
A dan mode like IIDX, accessible through course mode
Multiple charts that mimic styles of pop'n charts or take them to the extreme, such as a classical medley, Minerva, and Labyrinth (a very chord-heavy chart).
Ginka, a joke chart not passable on EX and probably not passable on Hyper.
Charge notes
Mine notes
A Hell course

Toy Musical 2 was released in 2007 IIRC, and took well over a year to be unlocked through renaming various files, finding a password to unlock that as an rar or zip file, then putting the files in the right place. Not to mention there were about 10-15 courses with unique charts for songs that never got placed in the actual free songlist. In addition, various packs were released of songs that were more like omake, like joke charts, extra charts for the first Toy Musical, and charts that were scrapped during development. The game also had various locations each song was from, and those places determined what type of songs would be in those places. Though you can't see this in-game, it's viewable through the web-site. Every area also had a boss and a bonus song which were unlocked in their respective packs. Four of these were cardinal gate-type songs and after one realized this, you could figure out a password to unlock one of the last songs early, Century.
Toy Musical 2 Highlights include:
More dan courses (Century is the last song in this one)
Lots of courses with special charts for songs
Ginka Remix (all difficulties including the special are easily passed), and Ginka Shinsei, easily the most difficult and impossible chart in either game.
Songs that fit much more with pop'n
Special boss songs for each area outlined on the TM2 website
Songs with different ways to make them difficult, such as Retro Memory with very small timing windows and "impossible" chords
A larger, more varied songlist
Another Hell course

There are some things in this game that really took me by surprise. Gabber-D has multiple background images per chart and actually randomizes the middle part of the chart in 4 different ways and matches the background image to that chart. One song which has a background full of guys that look like Cho-aniki characters has a chord in the beginning which is the actually impossible chord of 12589 that you can't hit unless you can move unnaturally, have a really heavy dick, or have breasts. There are various other surprises in the game to discover, and generally speaking you'll know by the difficulty number or type (EX+ or something similar) that a song is a joke chart so you can avoid it if you like. Many of the songs which came from courses have no marking like Hyper or EX to distinguish them, but I've unlocked and copied everything in free mode, including those course-only charts and the omake stuff.

Everything should be set up and ready to play, but by all means post in this thread if you have trouble with setting it up or getting something working, or if you're just confused about the menu controls even.

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