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> Challenges and You - READ THIS BEFORE POSTING, This forum is no longer moderated
post Jun 13 2009, 06:29 AM
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What is this forum for?
You may use this forum to lodge a formal complaint against another user if you have reason to believe that one or more of their public scores is false, erroneous or otherwise against the rules. This includes cases where you have reason to believe the user is lying, or that the user made a mistake while entering their score, or that the score is one that would be disallowed for any other reason (for instance an arcade score, or a score copied between different charts that have the same notecount but different entries in the system - e.g. 5.1.1 7-Key on 7th Style and 5.1.1 Normal on Happy Sky) as well as any other abuses of the system. Generally speaking you should always try to resolve your problems privately with the user before posting them here, but this forum is here so that you may post about the issue and receive an official verdict if necessary.

How do I post a challenge?
Simply create a topic here. You must include the username or DJ name of the person you are challenging in the topic title, and you must also include a link to the score(s) in question in your post along with a brief description of the issue (essentially, specify why you believe the score(s) in question break the rules of the site). If you have reason to believe the scores are fake then please state this reasoning in your post. Please make your challenge with specific scores in mind, not just "everything by person X". Please keep it businesslike and do not post in an antagonistic manner.

What are some good reasons to make a challenge?
Here are some examples taken from the wiki page originally written by Remy:
  • "User has all perfects for every song"
  • "User has suddenly become #1 for multiple difficult songs"
  • "User admitted to making up the score on another forum"
  • "User's score is a far outlier from all their other scores."
  • "User is probably playing sims"
  • "This song is incredibly difficult to play, to the point where no other user has accomplished this."
There are many other cases where a challenge is valid (many of which were mentioned earlier) but this is a good outline.

What are some bad reasons to make a challenge?
  • "User is a dickhead"
  • "I don't know who user is"
  • "I am in a rival situation with this user and can't believe they scored x, y, or z."
In short - challenge someone if they are clearly breaking the rules or if you have reason to believe they are lying. Don't challenge someone just because you don't like them or just because they are beating you.

To help preserve the sanity of the management, please post only one challenge at once and wait for it to be resolved before posting another. Please avoid challenging scores with grades lower than AA, scores that are not in the top 20 for a particular song, mods or clear status unless absolutely necessary.

What do I need to do if I am challenged?
If you are challenged, you have one week (seven days) to post a photo of the score in question (records mode is fine) or correct your score (if it is wrong). If you can do neither, you must private your score. If you do not reply satisfactorily to the challenge within one week then your scores may be disqualified from the rankings (in other words, mass privated) until you do. Repeat offenders and users with obviously fake scores (e.g. 100% on Mei [a]) may have their account(s) banned and all scores deleted.

What above all should I keep in mind when making or responding to a challenge?
Remember, despite the term 'challenge', your challenge is actually a formal complaint against another user for breaking the rules of the site. Please remain civil on this forum at all times and DO NOT post in an antagonistic or provocative fashion. If another user challenges you, please keep your cool when responding. This forum was moderated (posts had to be approved) for a long time because of some old drama when several users lost their cool and drama broke out in a challenge thread. I've turned that off as a show of good faith so please keep your posts strictly business and refrain from provoking other users. Challenges that are made in an antagonistic fashion are automatically void and users that respond aggressively to challenges against them may face penalties as well.

I didn't realise someone had challenged me until after the week was over!
You are responsible for keeping the contact email registered with your account up-to-date and valid, and/or checking the forum regularly for challenges. If you are challenged, an email will be sent to your contact email address notifying you of this - if you miss this email and don't notice the challenge on the forums then we can't help you. The one-week deadline applies in all cases and is counted from the day the challenge is posted, barring exceptional circumstances (user is without internet access for a week, etc)

I can't take a picture of my score because I don't have a camera!
Find someone who does. Seriously, if you can afford IIDX and the necessary hardware to play it then someone you know has to have a camera, camera phone, webcam or something along those lines. It is a condition of using this site that you back up your public scores with photographic proof if requested, so if you cannot comply with this requirement then please do not submit public scores to S3.

To reiterate - this forum is no longer moderated as a trial. If this change results in drama then it will go right back to all posts requiring approval. Thanks!
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